Talking To Women About Their Self-Care Routine  

 Tell Me  How Do You Start When You Need A Change

Some women claim they begin fighting their daily routine, changing their entire lifestyle, buying themselves fashionable clothes, changing their eating habits and employing tons of cosmetics. It could sound reasonable, but it is practically impossible, especially if you have gained the inertia of unhealthy lifestyle. Clothes don’t fit, habits return, cheap cosmetics poisons you – you are in trouble.

Others just start paying attention to what they eat, how much water they drink and calories. They start monitoring on how much time they spend walking and how often they smile. It’s recommended to start your day laughing in front of the mirror for five to ten minutes every morning. This is done by the women, who have discovered that essential for their health is the urge to stay positive and to handle stress efficiently. Lady F believes a person needs 4 hugs a day to survive, 8 hugs a day to feel good about herself and 12 hugs a day to evolve. There are magical words which added to our communication change our situation immediately, such as: “I love you!” “please!” and  “thank you!”

But one of the women interviewed gave an answer completely surprising and it felt so right!

“I start from the way I perceive things.”

Your Beauty And Cosmetics

Women try to select suitable shampoos for their type of hair. They attempt to hydrate their aging skin by consuming a lot of water and try to eat food which helps the formation of muscles and reduce on unhealthy fats. They fail in doing so, which is why they tend to use nutritional supplements, cosmetics, even detox foot pads. Most of the time ladies are not sure they like the moisturizer they bought. They try to create a good nutritional regime and if they could eat what they wanted, it would be nuts, fruit and seafood: delicious, healthy, gourmet stuff, but that’s not easy and it is very expensive as well. We know how, we are motivated, we just lack the resources is, however, not an excuse. We have to strive for vibrant health and good looks, since it is ladylike to contribute beauty to the world.

Your Self-Care Weekly Routine

Most women do not do something special for their body during the week. They, however, contemplate starting to do sports from the next month.

So you want to have this ultimate dream schedule, which includes housework and mundane stuff, but it also includes learning art, yoga, painting, Ayurveda, French, Illustrator and hanging out with your friends. You have set aside time for bubble bath, face mask, deeply conditioning your hair or painting the nails. Now all you have to do is get up at 6 AM to fit it all in. Lady F has got no problem with getting early – the basic problem is that she has already started a writing routine which amounts to 10 hours of writing per day. Half of Lady F’s New Year’s Resolutions are related to physical and home high maintenance. If she is able to afford vibrant health – she is going to have it all.

Your Diet – Yes Or No To Cheese Cake

What most women do for their figure consist basically in deep regret after an abundant meal.

One of them had the right answer: Yes to cheesecake – everything is beneficial when done with measure. No to prohibitions! It is very advisable to eat everything your body craves for. Yes to chocolate, nuts, baked marsh-mellows, oblivious stews, yogurt and berries. Definitely Yes to cheesecakes! Especially when they are made with full-grain biscuits, natural butter, and light cream cheese with various toppings: blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, peach or chocolate syrup.

Movement In Your Daily Life

Most of the girls are lucky if they do a little exercise, dancing, or walking a little. Usually, women get to walk from their daily to their evening job and climb the stairs to their boyfriend’s apartment – twice a day. Working girls are busy between 6 and 7 days in the week and they have no time for themselves. They spend their entire day at the computer, working, relaxing, working.

All of them want to focus more on outdoor activities and time with family but…profound changes do not happen overnight. Changing a lifestyle is a long term goal. Start with baby steps – exercise lightly 2-3 times a week, walk at the beach or in the park. Walk the dog at a fast pace, your fitness level will soon rise above the average.

What Do You Wish To Change In Your Lifestyle

You would like to sleep more. Have a sexy butt. You want to delight in movement, like before, when your body was so incredible that you felt omnipotent.

But what you can really change is:

“The way you perceive things.”

You are beautiful. No matter how much you weigh: maybe you are overweight, maybe you are too slim, maybe you are changing your weight – getting slim, getting plumpy – you are beautiful.


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