A Pledge For Personal Care

Hair – the Crown

Lady F used to dislike her hair in her youth – she even tried different colors such as silverish blonde and deep purple. Nowadays, she is in love with its tender texture, and the hazelnut dark blonde, which looks even brighter in direct sunshine. She is definitely in need of a haircut because she looks like Sheena, The Jungle Queen. Hair adds a lot to sex-appeal, which is why nuns had to cover it and Hindu widows had to shave it. Lady F is blessed with hair and she is positive that when a Woman wants to change, she usually starts with the hair.

How To Care For Beautiful Hair?

You have to wash it twice a week with a soap or mild shampoo. Then the hair has to be combed 100 times every evening before going to bed – with a natural soft brush, or a wide-toothed comb. You have to sleep enough and cover your hair with a bonnet. Oil has to be added to the scalp once a week. The hair should be trimmed every 6-8 weeks, so that it becomes easier to style.

Mind that too much stress

can damage your hair. Water is very necessary for its healthy state, as is also exercise and – something very pleasant and sensual – a scalp massage. Every two days you should moisturize it and seal it to maintain hydration and softness. Weekly hair needs deep conditioning, and a leave-in has to be used at all times. Once a month – you can do special treatments with masks and detox blends for optimal hair health. But before all, promise yourself that from now on, you will act as if angels and unicorns have kissed your hair.


In Victorian England, modest lassies were encouraged to wash without getting too naked. Nowadays, a good, naked bath once or twice a day is recommended – always with a mild soap or a shower gel since some bacteria are fond of our bodies. Our skin is not unblemished and it sometimes is…let’s stick to the word odorous, this is why we buy beauty and fragrance in small bottles. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect skin, whatever you see in the advertisements. It’s either dry, oily or combinatory. So instead of being depressed from comparing herself with models in magazines, Lady F is relaxed about it – since digital photographs can be altered in various ways. Many factors influence skin’s properties such as climate and weather, exposure to Sun, various cosmetics, emotions, stress, hormonal cycles and general health.

When she was a little girl,

Lady F believed that a woman is not supposed to touch her face during the day for purity reasons. Lady F needs to pamper her oily skin. She has noticed it returns to “combination, or normal” in times when she stops eating meat. If it wasn’t for the environmental pressure, Lady F would have been a vegetarian. However, producing plenty of sebum, her skin is naturally moisturized, it feels smooth and that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But some unfortunate ladies with the same problem have developed acne.

Eating Habits

So often Lady F does not even eat in the dining room, but she has got a fast snack on one of the kitchen counters. Why this habit? It feels so good to prepare your food with an apron, your hands sinking in the dough while you make bread, then cloth the table with silk and invite the entire family. They will help you set the table, turn off their phones, and you will eat in silence as if meditating on the pleasure, counting your chews, and putting down your fork once in a while. Eating is itself a fascinating ritual.


There are thousands of books written for millions of people who diet hard, so that they may learn to diet smart. Most diets promise that if you eat less you will weigh less. They have it all wrong. Why? Because it’s you versus food in a lifetime battle. The fight is won with elegance, with smarts, and with healthy choices. The real weapon against fat is knowledge: what is appetite, what is fat, how we store it, how we burn it – and you steer in the right direction through wise nutritional and activity choices.


Lady F strongly recommends swimming, yoga, and hiking and a little swaying in a salsa dance. For the beginners – the best sport is walking. For the advanced – it is ballet – it’s what gets you perfect shape in no time if you haven’t been procrastinating on the physical plane for ages. Running is bad for the joints, fitness is an unnatural movement – it feels like you are a mouse running in a wheel. The healthiest bodies indulge in hiking and heavy physical work. The most beautiful bodies develop through yoga and dancing. For perfect thighs – drive a bicycle or walk the stairs. The tenderest sport is swimming. Lady F can swim for hours without getting tired one bit.

Longevity – The Art Of Staying Young

We live in a world, which belongs to the young. Yet some people feel like life begins in your forties. In some documents, it is proved that 62 percent of all leading American researchers of space are in the age between 40 and 55 years. The still young adults are still burning from a desire to solve the mysteries of the universe. Lady F has never in her entire life felt so vibrant on the inside and so uncomely on the outside. The beauty, the wonder, the splendor of her heart needs to reach the surface of her appearance. Which is why May is devoted to getting slimmer and healthier and getting Her on a diet.


I pledge to eat well, and feel well, work out, weigh myself and be patient with my body.  I pledge to create my own, precious beauty calendar. Moreover, I pledge to create some new habits that will help my body express me and become the best version of itself.


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