An Introduction To Weddings

Every girl dreams of her wedding – this immaculate moment in her life when she will say “Yes!” It should fill with inspiration the entire family life of the couple. After the prom, that’s the next chance in the life of the female, when she’s the star of the party. It can be a very simple or a very sophisticated event. Like concerts, very romantic weddings make people cry, sigh and smile and kiss each other a lot.

Lady F’s Idea of a Wedding:

Lady F would like a rustic, vintage wedding and she will be wearing itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow, polka-dot bikini. I am messing with you! Everything – the dress, the smile, the candles, the tables should have this glamorous and irresistible flair. Of course cake, flowers, dress –but the real drama is in the details: such as a ribbon on the back of the chair, or the lacy garter of the bride, which is to fly in the air, according to a venerable tradition. Many of the wedding symbols Lady F enjoys have originated from ancient pagan rituals.

The Cake

The wedding cake appeared in Ancient Rome, where it was just bread modestly prepared from wheat or barley. Poor bride got hit in the head with the aforesaid cake to make her fertile. The groom broke the cake in her head to symbolize the end of her virginity. The white color of the cake was also symbolic of purity. Guests didn’t even eat the cake – they kept the pieces for good fortune.


They first appeared in the Middle Ages, because for many wedding ceremonies to take place, the bride had to actually be kidnapped. The groomsmen stole the bride from other tribes or clans and brought her by force to marry the groom. They also helped the groom defend the bride from the other clan’s groomsmen. Weddings in the Middle Ages were more than a union among two beloveds. They were a union between two families, or businesses, or even countries.

The Dress

In the Middle Ages, brides were dressed to present their families in the most favorable light. Women from wealthy families wore affluent colors and incredible fabrics – layers of velvet, furs, and silk. The bride wears white since the days of the reign of the English Queen Victoria. Before her marriage to Albert of Saxe-Coburg brides especially in Scandinavia wore black on their ceremony. Native American brides had their garments woven by the groom and the men in the tribe who wished to participate. In China and India the bridal attires are often red – color of good luck.

The Veil

Wedding veils covered the faces of the Roman and Greek brides – since most of the marriages were arranged, grooms were not allowed to see their brides and have second thoughts. The groom could not preview the bride before the wedding and refuse to marry her because he does not like her looks. In another interpretation, the veil helped conceal the bride from mean spirits.

Lady F believes, that by lifting the veil, the man sees his bride with the eyes of love and his eyes see her bare soul.

But let us move on with Lady F’s perfect wedding. In the afternoon of the day – high tea is served to the guests. Lady F and Mr F will wow the guest with a choreography even John Travolta would be envious of. The wedding will have to be full of this spirit, which makes Lady F swallow her tears from fascination.

Hey, baby, I think I wanna marry you!

A friend once asked Lady F – why do you like weddings so much? Then after he had thought a little, he replied to himself: maybe it’s because of the happiness everybody exudes. The bride is as beautiful as a ballerina, her face is beaming.

“I just can’t believe the loveliness of loving you, I just can’t believe it’s true. I just can’t believe the wonder of this feeling too, I just can’t believe it’s true… Like the summer sunshine pour your sweetness over me…”

Pour your sweetness over me!

Most important of all – the bride and the groom are head over heels in love. She is devastating in white. The groom dressed in white approaches her at the altar, carrying a red rose – a symbol of passion and giving in. They declare their love to each other for everyone to see and wipe a salty tear. They make out a little when they kiss, after which they run to the nearby forest where he deprives her of her Agent Provocateur white lace body, and they make love leaning on every tree in the wood, and all the trees will not be not enough – they will have to chop and move…


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