Some Appealing Facts About Kama Sutra

kama sutra

The Lore of Lovemaking

An ancient Indian handbook of lovemaking for contemporary lovers called Kama Sutra sets the standards for sexual behavior around the globe. It was written in Sanskrit by Vatsayana – a Vedic Indian philosopher. “Kama” means desire and the word “sutra” refers to a rule or aphorism – so Kama Sutra is actually a most celebrated manual of fucking. It seems the world is still enchanted by the idea to make love for hours in a state of ecstasy. Isn’t that lovely?

Kama stands for the enjoyment of man that comes from the five senses and pleases the soul. Even young maidens should study the art of Kama Sutra before they get wed, so that they know how to please their husbands. There are 64 sexual positions described in Kama Sutra, and 64 traditional Hindu arts, which a lover has to master in order to be satisfying to the lover’s senses.

The Story  of  Kama Sutra

The original Kama Sutra was written by sage Nandi in one thousand chapters and reproduced in an abbreviated form in five hundred chapters by other wise people, and then the book got even more concise. Vatsayana composed his work as small extracts from the originals.

A Place For Lovemaking

As most good novels, Kama Sutra comes with a detailed description of the setting, where the lovemaking should take place: a bed soft, good-looking, covered with a white sheet, adorned with garlands and flowers, with two fluffy pillows. Next to the bed there is a night stand where you place the “fragrant ointments for the night,” as well as roses and feathers, some books, a pot with perfume a dice-playing board.


Even Kama Sutra recommends applying a “limited quantity” of perfume to the body. Before the act of lovemaking, there is an entire beauty routine for the man and the woman to stick to, mostly related to the body’s scent, smoothness and physical purification.


According to the size of his “lingam” (now guys hold your breath, for some of you will receive a blow in their self-confidence) – men are divided into three types: the hare man, the bull man and the horse man.  A woman also by the depth of her yoni is classified as female deer, a female mare and (the most unlucky) female elephant.

Kama Sutra calls the sexual intercourse “a quarrel.”

Apart from the 64 sexual positions the text explores types of touching, kisses and hugs, and for those who are full of passion – biting. It further discusses the special places of the body and they are: shoulders, head, the space between the breasts, the back. The booklet provides advice how to begin and end a congress – in the pleasure room, where alcohol flows freely, and lovemaking starts with a gentle embrace. The man touches the knot of the woman’s garment and converses with her in an amusing way. Their talking is suggestive until the woman is overcome with passion and desire.

When the congress ends the consorts should wash, act shy, anoint themselves in sandalwood, eat sweets, sit on the terrace and enjoy the moonlight. Time for togetherness.

Says Kama Sutra: “Women being of a tender nature want tender beginnings and should be approached according to their liking.”

Getting To Know Each Other

In a time when all the marriages were settled by parents, Vatsayana tells us to listen to our hearts: “Prosperity is achieved only if you marry the girl you get attached to.” To impress his bride, for the man were essential the warmth, positivity, and tenderness, all of which show that he is frank, amicable and hearty. A great relationship can develop only in mutual trust and togetherness.

The practice of Kama Sutra with women from the higher castes is forbidden. In society, you may have fun only with your equals. Once upon a time, women were very passive during intercourse, today the sexual revolution made female sexual aggression completely natural.

When the man and woman are very much in love and think of no pain or hurt, they hug themselves as if their bodies enter each other. She is sitting on his lap and both are intertwined. It’s called the hug “milk and water.”

The lovers often use their nails to express their passion after a quarrel or after a long separation. In many cultures, the scars from passion on the breasts or the neckline of a young woman announce to the world that she is engaged.  Biting the breasts is called “the torn cloud,” the biting of the shoulder is called “the boar’s bite.”  The hair of a woman has got an eternal fascination for man.

Intimacy reduces stress.

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. The tradition which created Kama Sutra perceives the human body as a conductor of spirituality. Sex was celebrated as a sacrament, and the erotic statues and murals in the Hindu temples around India testify this ancient belief.

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  1. The Kama Sutra also underlines the deep connection between man and nature.
    The various poses depicted shows how sexual fantasy is related to nature, many poses simulate the creepers twined around a tree or two animals mating.
    The Kama Sutra intends to take away the hush-hush surrounding sex.
    Sex is both beautiful and dirty. The Kama Sutra literally introduces sex to the world.

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