The Tribulations and Opportunities of the Beginning Blogger

Rumor has it…

So…someone starts the rumor that your blog is already ready to gain profit for you. Next thing you know is you are into a sea of opportunities and disappointments.


Google AdSense – the most popular PPC (pay per click) advertising program got me 2 clicks in two days. It seems is not that popular in the USA and I had to dismiss this tempting option for the time being. Although rumor has it people have made thousands of dollars using just AdSense.

So I started heaping articles about AdSense alternatives in Pocket. Luckily for us, freelancers – there are hundreds of ways to make money online. I delved not only in the AdSense alternatives but also examined plenty of ways for making money from your content.


Clicksor – it doodled my articles with blue links, which were leading to absolutely irrelevant websites. The website spent a day in this condition, and I received a part of a dime, which is all very fine, but I decided that with this tempo I will soon become a millionaire, and I am not sure what to do with that much money!

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So I redirected my efforts – this time to the so-called Sponsored Reviews. PayU2Blog allowed me in their program, and it’s the first day there and I have been staring at an empty assignment page for more than an hour. I hope this will change in time.

Meanwhile, a somewhat advanced opportunity PayPerPost denied me the big chance of getting more expensive writing assignments. I applied for a quite interesting title. The job was for peanuts, and that was very fine. I bid the highest price and the assignment quickly disappeared from the pending category, leaving me stressed and with the sentences:

There are currently no direct offers.


There are currently no open bids.


My next hope was Written. It’s a lovely website for “renting” posts for a month, after which they return. It’s the fifth day in which where my dashboard has to be, I’ve been getting the following text: “Bear with us as we build more of this dashboard! Over the coming weeks, we will be…” and so on. Over the coming weeks? I was so fascinated 5 days ago with this project of “articles for rent.” I even left a small note to Bill, the owner, which said with kind regards, that I think it’s a brilliant idea and the initiative is impressive. He did not answer.

But do not despair. For here I am about to activate my blog and write paid posts for the Link From Blog advertising program, if I feel financially stimulated. Activation of the blog is quite tricky, but I think I will manage.


I have to write about LinkFromBlog – and here it is: It might be the savior among other paid post opportunities. If you choose to write about them you receive a bonus…So here is their counter, which I make visible to all, for they need to know how many people will read about them. Good luck everyone, and  Let us hope for a lot of available bids for Lady F in the morning.

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