Audio: You Should Fall In Love



You should fall in love, you definitely should!

You will find being in love profoundly delightful. It will make you feel angelical; it will make you feel doomed. Being in love has stirred the imagination of the poets, storytellers and lovers of the world through the entire history of humans.

From her heavy and comprehensive personal experience with romance, Lady F reckons that this sublime experience should come with a survival kit. For love doesn’t ask you if you are compatible, it doesn’t ask you if you are ready – it looms over you: beautiful, devastating, true and unthinkable, and you have to taste it all. Humans are such complex creatures, with such an extravagant sensitivity – but the best thing about them is that they can fall in love.

Lady F will gently lead you from the promises for eternity, through the swamps of deep cravings, up to the glittering stars, where you want to be.

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