Women and Nuts

How to make a woman excited?

How to induce arousal in the fair sex and make a woman crave for a night of passion?

There exist certain foods which for times immemorial have allegedly increased the female libido. They are known as aphrodisiacs, named after Aphrodite – the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and sexual desire. Those foods are supposed to arouse dangerous passions in women. Is this a myth or reality, fiction or fact we cannot claim for certain – since those foods have been used for centuries, but their popularity is actually based on “old wives tales.” There is very little scientific evidence, that these foods actually increase sex drive. Science still claims that aphrodisiacs are more a part of the culture, history, and folklore of mankind than a medicinal phenomenon.

In 1989 the FDA – Food and Drug Administration announced that there were no proofs for any of the declared for aphrodisiac foods that they can influence the libido. On the other hand, the investigations of French scientists confirm there are products, which influence our emotions directly. Probably the influence of aphrodisiacs is much more psychological than physical.

Most of them which are assumed to boost the female libido act in the same way on men. This is peculiar since there is a fundamental difference in the centers of sexual pleasure of both sexes. Everybody knows that the sexual pleasure for women resides in the brain, while for men it is in their sex organs. Sexual satisfaction of women is mostly a psychological process, for the men – it is mostly a physiological process.

Getting Any

25% to 63% of USA women have some kind of sexual dysfunction. Nowadays, many couples are lucky if they eventually “get lucky.” A lot of conditions like stress and busy daily round are to blame for this disaster. So we are actually in severe need of aphrodisiacs – foods, which stimulate the love senses: smell, taste, sight and touch. But is any food capable of getting you in the mood for love?

Yes, but not in the way you would think.

Even though, science has not proven that any food can stimulate our sexual organs – foods and the act of eating itself can suggest sex to the mind, which then helps to boost desire in the body. There is nothing bad in enjoying food both you and your partner find sensual.

Throughout history, people have classified the aphrodisiacs into 5 general types.

  • Food hot and moist – like curry or chili was supposed to arouse passion, while cold foods were thought to cool and calm it down.
  • If it resembles a sexual organ – like the famous oyster, some vegetables like carrots and of course – walnuts – eat it: it was believed to enhance desire.
  • Eggs and animal reproductive organs were supposed to boost desire and potency in both sexes
  • Exotic, rare expensive food is thought to be sensually exciting.
  • Those foods which entice the senses stimulate passion.

Nuts and Reproduction

Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and other nuts all contain monounsaturated fats. Those fats are needed in your body to create cholesterol. Your sex hormones need this cholesterol to work properly. It is something the ancient Romans were not aware of when they threw walnuts at newlyweds for good luck in reproduction. Walnuts have been linked to fertility for a long time. They resemble man’s cojones; the inside is vulva-like. Therefore, walnuts are a super sexy snack. Packed with muscle-building protein and filling fiber, they are healthy for the heart, and the general well-being, albeit being calorie-dense. Walnut butter is used in the folk medicine. It is very beneficial for pregnant women and suckling mothers.

In ancient Greece, the Hazelnut has been considered a symbol of richness, prosperity, health, fertility and family welfare. It delays getting old, and its presence in the daily menu is healthy for the reproductive system and even prevents cancer. The Ancient Greeks believed that the fragrance of almond is exciting for women. Nuts are believed to be the symbol of fertility and the high content of magnesium is directly related to sexual desire.

Foods impact the more subtle aspects of us – our mood and thoughts. For instance, the amount of omega-3 fats (found in nuts) we have in our body, particularly our brain, will determine our behavior to some extent.

Women, Nuts, and Chocolate

The three words you long to hear: “Chocolate isn’t fattening.” That may not be true, but remember that if you eat some chocolate with nuts prior to intercourse, that will definitely reflect upon the sexual desire. Look for a chocolate with complex, intense, intriguing flavor such as coverture chocolate with nuts, orange peel, spices and natural vanilla. Aztecs thought that chocolate is “the food of Gods.” It has always been associated with love and romance. The chieftain of the Aztecs called Montezuma drank 50 mugs of chocolate every day to enhance his sexual abilities.

According to the ancient recipes – the nuts are best combined with sesame butter, bonbons, honey, and molasses, which significantly boosts the sexual desire and husbands and wives, stay joyful for longer.

How Do We Humans Get Sexually Aroused?

Basically, our sex drive is controlled by our sexual hormones and the most crucial of them is testosterone. Every time we see, feel, think, touch, smell or perceive in a different way something that stimulates us sexually, the following things happen:

First, the nervous system sends signals from the brain to the pelvic area. Those signals order the blood vessels to widen, which leads to an erection – in women as well as in men, after which the blood vessels tighten again, and the erectile tissues remain in this state.  Meanwhile, the brain releases hormones such as dopamine, which tell the body, that what happens is pleasure and delight.

Vitamin B, which is contained in nuts, stimulates the nervous impulses, thus enhancing sexual activity. It takes part in the production of energy, and if in deficiency the organism feels so tired, that it simply turns off the sexual function.


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