The Mysterious Lady

Lady F: The first thing you noticed in her face wasn’t the mysterious, gaudy, lace, carnival mask – no – it was her scarlet lipstick. They call it Parisian red, and it colored her slightly pouted lips. She looked somehow distracted and forlorn. With her meditative look, she caught a glimpse of a tall, thin, black-haired man, who was leaning on the wall in the corner looking at her intently. It wasn’t him and she looked away. However, he kept on gazing…she felt a little intrigued. Then he came passing by her and her lips burst into a smile.

Partner:  Returning the smile, timidly. Pausing as he walked by, turning to face her, grinning in spite of himself…

Lady F: She raised the fan to hide her smile. Her fingers smelled of popcorn.

Partner: What are the chances I could bring you some more popcorn? – he asked, surprisingly awkwardly, taken aback by the unexpected feelings of butterflies in his stomach.

Lady F: But how did he know it was her favorite food? Or was he reading her mind? He was one of them, it could become tricky…

Partner: I couldn’t help but notice the smell of popcorn on your fingers.

Lady F: He is reading my mind! – And she headed paranoiac into the garden

Partner: Too awkward of an introductory question? – said he, following her into the garden…

I hope I didn’t come on too strong with my inquiry about popcorn. I couldn’t help but notice the butter and crumbs on your fingers.

Lady F: My man feeds me a lot of popcorn. It’s a strong aphrodisiac.When I make love I deliver popping sounds.

Partner: Oh, so you have a man who makes you pop… Is he here tonight, then? Is he the reason for popcorn on your fingers, then? Am I intruding?

Lady F: He is the reason for everything.

Partner: So, shall I disappear back into the crowd and leave you to your thoughts here in this deserted garden?

Lady F: YES!

Partner: Hmmm, I was hoping you wouldn’t say that!

Lady F: I know…

Partner: Obviously I’m intrigued by your lips, your mysterious eyes, and your story. A drink while we chat, and if you still want me to leave by the end, I’ll be gone…

Lady F: But if you look more closely you will notice my fine mustache

Partner:  Lol. I see no mustache. I am examining quite closely…

Lady F: Put on your rimless eyeglasses, old pal

Partner: You surely know how to entice a man.


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