How To Find The Perfect Love


Everyone wants to find the perfect love –

the love like in the movies.

It’s among the most popular aspirations.

Ever since that world began
it’s been that way for men and women
were created
to make love their destiny…

The true, faithful, eternal love… But how to bring that about?

Look inside your heart.

A banal thing, but I will say it: until you are in love with yourself, you will never be loved by someone else. For the perfect love, your self-image is really crucial. You have to feel profoundly attractive. You have to feel like you have a lot to give. And it’s not about giving each other stuff – presents, diamond rings. You need to be able to bestow real attention, affection, delight upon the one you love.  Stir their dreams, make them feel fabulous about themselves. It cannot be achieved unless you also feel quite comfortable with yourself on many levels. And when you meet the person you want to share your entire life with, don’t forget to:

Tell them you love them.

Do not keep it to yourself! If you are genuinely fond of that person, write that enamored letter and let them know. By all means do not seem like you want only a sexual affair – most people will run from you. Do not let them get away before you have showered them with your affection and devotion. Yes, pride is foolish when it comes to the matters of the heart. They have to know! You are their lucky star!

But once you have found your perfect love, remember that you have to:

Kiss in the rain!

Be daring and romantic and unusual. Treat your lover with the utmost respect and make them feel charismatic. Sit together on the terrace and look at the moon. Basically, true love needs maintenance like everything else you possess. Stuff should be done on a daily basis, if you want to stay enamored. Such as: not taking everything for granted, being generous with attention, giving them your grace. When they are sick, prepare a picnic basket and visit them in the hospital. Kiss them often and passionately, until you leave them with a blissful smile. By all means, fuck in the rain as well!


Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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