The Worst Sex Advice

Humiliate each other!

For a person with healthy confidence, this is a deal breaker on both the giving and the receiving end. Breaking her dignity is just about the worst sex advice you will ever get.


People should raise each other when they make love. That’s what domination and submission are all about. When you have sex with a woman you command her pleasure. You emit powerful signals that you enjoy her, which usually stimulates her self-attitude. The dominating partner is training and disciplining the submissive partner, but he is not training her to be a “slut.” That’s some invention of the degraded human psyche – instead of raising your self-attitude, your lover crashes it. It is rooted in the fact that some people have been raised and taught that sex is dirty, unacceptable and sinful. They think they have to punish or be punished for desiring sexual activities.

You want to discipline your partner to be self-confident and happy, and grateful. Only positive assumptions of herself should occupy a woman during and after sex. Her eyes must shine, her face must glow and she should be smiling. You are the giver of delight. Bestow your grace on your lover. Raise a happy and brilliant and dazzling girl. Command her to raise her arms and imagine she is flying.

It is very important to bond with your partner, to create a common space. In fact, Lady F does recommend that one should have sex only when they are in love. Being in love, you are able to see a person clearly – by focusing on them you feel their light.

However, a little hard talk is okay. You don’t need to be cheesy. You don’t need to be rude either. Your task is to make a genuine connection and give the woman an alternative standard, for the few hours she is in your hands, make her feel like a queen.


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