How to Fire Intense Desire


How to feel?

Be the star!

How to fire intense desire? Be center stage, the life of the party, the coolest guy in town. Or at least try to feel that way and
emit such signals to the opposite sex. Confidence is sexy. “I know you want me, you know I want you” must be your frame of mind.

What to say?

There are some lines you can use that lead directly to sex. Tell her that you have worked in the mountain all day long, and you are a sexual beast. Most women do no have a feeling of self-preservation in such a case. Tell her that you are in a sensual stupor just from chatting with her. Tell her, that if she doesn’t stop what she’s doing you will fuck her! Tell her, you want to drive her mad with fucking. Tell her, you think she is pretty. Tell her you are slightly excited even when you feel intense desire. Talk hard.

Then appear as if you said nothing at all.

How to act?

Tease her. Then please her. It’s the best thing you can do with a woman. Deny her a treat, then give her twice as big a surprise. She rules your world, but she mustn’t know that until you spill your secret synchronically with her orgasm. If you want to drive her insane with lovemaking, you have to dominate her at least a little – women respond very well to tender and creative domination. Take a French Leave but give her a kiss before that.

Why is Damon Salvator a Synonym for Desire?

He cups her hair before he kisses her.


He asks a question just by raising his eyebrows in a meaningful way.


He knows how to party.


He is friendly.

He is romantic.


He understands immediately.

He laughs while he makes love.

And he is the best kisser.


Author: LadyF

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