How To Organize Writing A Fiction Book In 10 Steps

Here’s how to get organized:


Knowing where we are: I start with developing a fantasy world in my mind. I create maps. I gather hundreds of pictures from Pinterest and Tumblr to illustrate my world and its cultures. When the world is ready, as if you are boiling eggs:

Throw in some Characters:

What works best for me is creating characters on the basis of ideas sprang during roleplaying. This helps a lot, because the characters are actually developed by different story tellers, so they are more believable and unique. Then by all means:

Stir trouble:

create a conflict: Each character has a compelling need, good if they even struggle against each other. Every character must want something the entire time.


Try to list the possible situations the characters may encounter. For instance: “Boy meets girl, boy loses, boy gets girl.” Make a logical sequence of these.


Everything: Just start writing from the first sentence, and trust in God for the next. Try to follow you little plan, but don’t be afraid to modify as the story blossoms. Write your entire first draft.

Leave aside for one week.

Let the sunshine in. Do different stuff, get inspired. Return to your work with clear mind, pure hands and hot heart.

Please your audience:

Think of who is going to read your book – and translate your first draft into his language. For example, if you write a non-fiction book for teenagers call it: How to Score Chicks, not How To Seduce Women. Make sure you take the reader by hand and slowly and deliberately lead him to the resolution of your book.

Writing Buddy:

Find someone to edit the book together with. It’s best to work paragraph by paragraph.

Polish it:

Put the finishing touches to your masterpiece. You must have a feeling of content from the accomplishment. Work on the book until it makes you happy.

Write a sequel:

Seriously. This sells.


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  1. I just happened on a Facebook page that had your article. You make writing sound so easy! Great job! My book, Lady and the Sea, is a novel based on a true story — mine! Now I’m putting the finishing touches on Lady on the Run, another novel based on my true story (yes, I know I sound a bit vain, but they say to write what you know, so …) I also blog and live a life of traveling and loving (not in that order). Thank you for your inspiring article.

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