Where Shall I Take Her On The First Date?

Take her on the floor.

Lady  F is kidding.

Make sure you have a soft bed at your disposal. Just take her outside, make her let off steam and then bring her home, for a sip of champagne and – well…happy coupling. Since there is no place better than home – and you both deserve the best. Treat her what she deserves – candies and wine, sugar and Old Spice and everything nice.

Make sure your shirt smells of fabric softener in the worst case, and an aphrodisiac perfume in the best case. Chances are she will tear at it before you unbutton it, so do not wear your favorite shirt. Bring some delicious stuff in, for sensual women have rather delicate palates, and you want to give her a happy, long overture to the first time you are going to make love. She will return the gesture usually by going down on you. Everybody knows how that feels on the first date…

Your first kiss…

will feel a little awkward, but blissfully awkward – with a sensual kick and a twist. Chances are both of you will hit the ceiling of joy!

“In the back of the car, on the way to the bar,
I got you on my lips, I got you on my lips.
At the foot of the stairs, with my fingers in your hair,
BABY this is it!”

And she will never get enough. All night long, blissfully aware of each other’s passion: a beauty with a burning violin, dancing on and on, tenderly and long, dance her to the end of love. Kudos To Kesha and Leonard Cohen for the lyrics, for Lady F could find no words to describe it.

It’s time to take her where she belongs. Everybody knows she loves you.

This woman is yours.

Take her to the Moon and back!

Then take her to the Seventh Heaven!

Take her to Paris!

Take her to the stars…



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