Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

No. What matters is firmness. In both the male reproductive organ and the female breasts – what makes your sexual partner happy is not the size – it is firmness. A woman can have large breasts, but if they are not firm, they have no shape. Men love shapes. In a loving atmosphere, what really gives you sublime pleasure is how excited your partner is. I assure you a woman can be excited in such manner that even the tiniest instrument could, well…feel nicely wedged in. Women have the tendency of swelling when they are extremely excited… and that makes the man feel at home.

But does size matter?

Women dream of gifted men. The situation is that they are self-confident and they know how to really and roughly please a woman, by bending her in certain positions and making it for hours. They satisfy the woman first, afterwards they make love to her. The souls with normal equipment have only one option – to make love to the woman from the beginning and to excel in that. So he is left with whispering in her ear: “If you didn’t exist” – and then slipping slowly inside her muttering: “I would invent” another centimeter “the secret of life” and to the base! “just to create you” and then back! “and look at you!” So what your cock can’t achieve your soul can, trust Lady F  on that!

Still does size matter?

Of course any woman is fascinated by the way the male instrument goes from 5 to 30 centimeters in a matter of minutes – that’s some kind of natural phenomenon all of us submit to. But Lady F has noticed how in the act of lovemaking bodies disappear, all that is left are souls…and there’s no barrier to love, not a single part of your body that you still can control. So be daring and firm, tease her and please her…feel  like a hero, that’s what sex is all about.


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  1. Sure size matters… It’s not the most important thing in sex, just like sex is not the most important thing in the relationship. But you better have some good of it!

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