Sexual Attraction On A First Date

sexual attraction

Dear Lady F,

To what extent does sexual attraction influence your behavior on the first date?

The first date behavior is very much conditioned by the sexual attraction among two people.
However, it doesn’t mean it has to be love at first sight. On the first moment of the first date, chances are you will not be so much into each other. Then at some point, you understand he is a very good spiritual friend of yours and you both start shining. After that there is the spark – your top flirting skills surprise him. You both feel so good! In this moment there arises the mutual attraction. And you slowly begin to understand there’s no life or death without him.

If you want to bed him:

You will treat him with self-confidence, openly flirting.  Clash your pint of beer against his hard, and give him a hard-on. Okay, Lady F is kidding! If you want to be with him you have to surprise him – with your lineage, your behavior, and manners, by looking him straight in the eye and talking unexpected stuff, and laughing at everything he says, as if he is the funniest, the loveliest thing in the world. He will be dazed with your attraction. Chances are he will never forget this first night.

If you don’t want to bed him:

You are reserved and polite and smiling. You preserve your personal space.  If he makes advances, you stay calm as a doll. You let him touch you, but you do not use your female powers against him. Show him you are open and loving but do not want intimacy. Let him discover for himself that there is no passion in your relationship. Kindly reject his advances. Tell him he will get lucky with someone else. Show kindness, be polite, for there is hardly anything more painful in the world: the denial of sexual intimacy.

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