Tell Me About The Relationship Which Made You Happiest?


Tell Me About The Relationship Which Made You Happiest?

All my relationships make me happy, friendship, family as well as partnerships. I am the creation of the hands, which have touched me. In my life, a lot of people have been looking after me.

How Do My Friends Make Me Happy?

We walk barefoot in the rain in Vitoshka street, in warm summer evenings when all the shop windows are shining brightly and we are wet as wet can be. We order the same food twelve days in a row. When we have nothing to eat, we cook rice with 12 herbs (chamomile, lavender, whatever tea we can find).

In the hardest time of my life, my friends have told me that I have a more “mature” emanation when I didn’t shine at all.

They hug me, and they kiss me softly, and they say they are happy and I am fluffy as a pillow, a talking pillow, a pillow reading tales.

When I am underdressed, they compliment me on my sporty attire. If my mood is bitter, they tell me “You look very fresh today!” When the weather is nice, they tell me: “Oh, you have put a spell on this weather!

They tell me, that I have been touched by God, and possess the power of creation, to create Good Luck as well.

When I am down, they tell me: “Why don’t you accept that the universe is expressing itself through you exactly in this way, at this very moment?”

They make smoothies for me and we arrange puzzles together. They give me bracelets with their names.

We eat pizza together. Together we climb mountains, we do yoga, we dance. We tell our sexual stories, because half the fun is to tell, and they always give the best advice.

How My Family Makes Me Happy?

They support me through all the ordeals, and they give me courage and transcend their own states in order to be helpful to me.

They always remember the best version of me.

Whenever I am in big trouble, I just hug my mom and ask her for tea. It ALWAYS helps.

They have taught me to abide by people, look after their needs and share their principles.

They have taught me to care for people.

How My Partners Make Me Happy?

They thrill me with adoration and rapture by simply being what they are. I admire their souls. As we believe at least in six impossible things before breakfast, we have invented thousands of impossible ways to make love.

My partners are noble, made of stars. I seek them in the darkest of times and they are always there, promising eternal devotion. Their kisses are sweeter than cakes. Their hugs are warm like fire. When we touch – it’s immediate gratification.

Heaven’s on our minds, but even in the darkest hours, I call their names.

I cannot decide which relationship was happier, for I do pay homage to all of them. But we have been oh so happy!  

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I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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