What did Lady F Dream About On Her First Date – And Did The Dream Come True

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What did Lady F Dream About On Her First Night – And Did The Dream Come True

One of her First Nights (her premières) Lady F experienced in her 34th year when she had the time of her life with a man she really is into. She did not expect any of it to happen and she was wonderfully astonished the entire time. His kisses were so primal and tasted sweet, he promised that “tonight, I am going to be yours!” and he really gave her everything. He was generous and loving, and open-hearted. They gave each other surprisingly pleasant sensations. It was so unexpected, she couldn’t have imagined it any better than this, it was the best time ever.

She feels abashed when she has to tell about this. Especially should he ever read it, since this first night was also the last. Chances are, he never will, for he is happily engaged. She wishes him all the love in the world. But really steamy stuff happened during their night together. For a while, she thought he is going to love her, he will find a place in his life for her.

He made her feel dazzling and sweet.

Yes, she still blushes at the thought of some things, which happened during this night. She will not go into details, although she wishes to. Tender was the night, the feeling right, the communication supreme… and all the best things happened to her naked body and her naked soul. She was crazy and enchanted, she was joyful and delirious. He was provocative and virile, he was lovely and generous…for a dozen of days afterwards she hoped she would get in a relationship…but then shit happened…and she hopes shit would turn out better for him than for her. Her first night was a dream, but her last night left her feeling bitter, and lame and insecure. But she is still so much into him…

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