He Keeps On Insisting To Have Sex. How To Refuse Him Tactfully?

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He Keeps On Insisting To Have Sex. How To Refuse Him Tactfully?

One of the best solutions, in this case, is to start telling him your fantasies about a boy you really want to down. That’s a turn-off in most of the cases, because if he starts making advances in this situation – he will look rather lame. Most guys prefer saving their dignity instead of admitting that they are in total agony being “just friends” with you. But some are certain in their sex appeal and will continue flirting with you.

The situation is most scary when you feel you are prone to finally submit to his advances. That makes you feel so insecure, that you really start behaving aggressively like a moron. Especially if you are in love with someone else, sleeping around can collapse your entire world. So you can’t be delicate and tactful – in fact, you feel threatened.

But in case you are really good friends, or he is your boss – it is better to keep calm and refuse him tactfully. First, you have to understand that it is a basic male principle – he wants to please you. If you emit signals that you are so unsatisfied, chances are men will have the strong urge to make you surrender.

You have to explain yourself!

Explain to him slowly and deliberately that his sexual attitude makes you feel intimidated. Try to make him understand, that the sexual act, as you perceive things, will most likely break your really good relationship. Tell him you are doing better by yourself. Tell him you don’t really need sex – you are a woman and we are well without it.

He will say it’s healthy. Then he will say he doesn’t understand you. He will say that you need not be in love in order for your body to be pleased.

Tell him you are more than your body. Tell him you really need to make a connection in order to have sex and feel pleased, and that means getting into a deep relationship with you. Watch how the man runs putting his tail between his legs, away from you. Because having a relationship is rather scary for a man, as much as it is for you to submit to a sexual urge.


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