The Meaning Of Flowers


Meaning Of Flowers

Grand Prix Prince Rose Flower

The Grand Prix Rose Flower
is all about eternal love
and adoration.
It demonstrates deep emotions
such as “Be mine!”
and “I love you!”
and “I adore you!”
It is a most earnest
expression of desire.
It has to be gifted
in a bouquet of twelve
– the perfect choice
if you want to make
a lasting impression.

Rose Akito

White roses are symbolic
of innocence, purity,
and chastity.
They are most often used
when you want
to propose marriage
to someone
you are deeply in love with.


A flower, which has to do
with affection,
health, energy,
vitality, fascination.
from “corone”
meaning flower garlands.
In Rome it was known
as Jove’s flower.
A pink carnation says:
“I will always be there for you!”


The name of this flower,
comes from the Anglo-Saxon
“day’s eye.”
The daisies open
with the presence of the sun.
It symbolizes innocence,
gentleness and purity.
According to the Roman Legend
the nymph Bellides
escaped the sensual desires of
Vertumnus, the god of orchards,
by morphing into a daisy…



The tulip was born in Persia in 1500s.
Since then it has become a symbol
for many things – each color
has a different meaning.
Persians use the tulip as an offering
of a young man to his Beloved.
The message of the tulip is:
“As the redness of this flower,
I am on fire with Love!”

The Daffodil Flower

One of the first spring flowers
the yellow daffodil
is associated with the ego chakra,
and speaks to us about
radiance, vitality,
energy and Life.
Its smell is absolutely enchanting
and relaxing.


It represents love, luxury,
beauty and strength.
In ancient Greece,
orchids were associated
with virility.
an orchid stands for rare
and delicate beauty,
pure affection,
and mature charm.

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