A Guide To His Romantic Gestures In And Out Of Facebook


What romantic stuff can you do to bring joy to her heart?

The Bouquet

Traditionally, blue ladies are consoled by red roses. Giving flowers has got a language of its own – when you give one flower – you gift yourself. The meaning of the white rose is a marriage proposal, and the yellow flowers are joyful and bring good cheer. If she gets a necklace from jasmine – it’s a potent aphrodisiac, so guys, beware.

In Facebook – you can give her a million of scarlet roses…and make sure you like every post on her FB profile. There are loads of flowers on Pinterest, so choose those, which please her heart – and flood her wall for a wonderful, colorful explanation of love.

The Surprise Party

After you have been separated for a while, give her a surprising appearance – by gathering all the people she loves, catering all the food she wants, and her favorite music. She will most certainly laugh and cry, and that will bring good vibes in your relationship.

In Facebook, you can make videos of her friends wishing her a merry, merry unbirthday and select her favorite song for the background of this explanation in love.

The Massage

You will need rose petals, candles, silk sheets and various, essential oils. It’s the best foreplay in the world, especially if you warn her you are not going to touch her special places and you do a lot of it. Play in the background soft relaxing music that she likes.

In Facebook, you might want to send Ave Maria or Ravel’s Bolero – and say it is perfect for massage. You need to write a passionate letter in a personal message, sharing what you will do to her at the first convenient moment. Ask her to meditate on the music you’ve sent to her and imagine stuff.

The Candies

Keep leaving candies in her purse and pockets. It’s good if they are chocolate, or if you have sucked on them a little. It’s a way to preserve a kiss and show the generosity of attention. There is so much genuine love and affection in this small gesture.

In Facebook, you can, of course, send irresistible pictures of food, together with the recipes of them. Ask your woman to wake you up with a special treat of her choice.

The Striptease Act

Get naked! Women are as fascinated by nudity as men are. That will make her ogle and get excited immediately. She will purr and sigh, she will imagine foreplay with hours.

The alternative is placing a naked picture on Facebook – in the midst of the winter when nobody expects it and oh, you have to see her face when she sees it.

The Romantic ScrapBook

Collect all your pictures together and some stamps and decorative materials and create an album of your special moments. Chances are she will cry and thank you with a kiss.

You can make collages and post them in a Photo/Video album on Facebook, for all your friends to see.

The Present

Browse Etsy, for something boutique and feminine – or Lady F’s curated items – for something unique and different. It could be a knitted jewel, or anything exotic and it has to exist in only one copy in the world.

Make her the Present of her own romantic Facebook Page, dedicated especially to her and explain to the world why you love her so fondly.

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