Coffee Break


Coffee is one of the ingredients for morning super powers. It smells like heaven and tastes addictive. It is brown and fragrant, and sexy. It’s much more than what fills your stomach first in the morning, much more than the taste to your palate. No food – not even Coca-Cola generates more revenues than the brown brew does. And that does not apply only to food – no good besides petroleum can compete with our morning fuel.


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We love coffee because it starts the day and it is rich-tasting, convenient and sensual. It’s a form of a spiritual adventure and it brings out the best of your morning mood. We are most likely to link the brown brew with family moments, its rich flavor with sunrises and its warmth with communication. The coffeehouses are the live social media, where we actually speak to each other.

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Now, I would say it tastes better sugarless, with just a little milk. Every person in the world has got unique preferences for their morning brew. To the drinker of coffee with sugar, the natural taste of coffee is like poison. The lovers of pure, black coffee find sugar distasteful. I have three more people in my household and all of them have coffee in an absolutely different way.

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But is coffee good or bad for you?

Avicenna (980–1037) may have given the earliest written description of the brown brew’s effects: “It fortifies the members, it cleans the skin, and dries up the humidities that are under it, and gives an excellent smell to all the body.” Early physicians treated coffee as a good drug.

Italians have turned coffee making into an art. In the morning they drink cappuccino, caffe latte, latte macchiato, or any other milky variation of coffee. They drink it standing because it’s their daily. They do not fuss about the brown brew as other nations do.

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