How To Treat Grandma


How To Treat Grandma?

This morning my grandma was ready to cry crocodile tears in her morning cup of coffee. She was visiting for a while – and we had a great time. It’s wonderful Grandma to be around – she is buzzing to and fro the entire time, helping you out with anything she can. If you happen to look for your salsa shoes, she will fumble about the place, looking for them, even though she doesn’t know at all what they look like. She is the one who cares for everybody. Everyone loves Grandma.

So she came to stay for a while and all of us were really happy. We took care of her, and she took care of us, and she is so supportive, the home atmosphere was greatly improved. But one of the most important things in her life is the house she built together with grandpa. She was worried about the house the entire time. But it was snowy and she cannot walk on snow and ice.

So she kept telling us: You need to take me home. I have to see the house.
– But Grandma it’s cold outside.
– I’ve got to go way…

– But Grandma it’s cold outside…

And so the conversation went on like a quote from the popular song.
In the morning, when I saw the sadness in her, I asked her:
– Grandma, why do you look so sad?
She said: “I looked after some people my entire life, and they don’t even want to take me home.”

So I called my good friend, the smart and handsome musician Kosta, and told him: “Listen, we have got to go to my hometown to accompany my Grandma.”

He said: “I will take a shower, eat and meet you at the station.”

We took a taxi, which was kind enough to leave us at the very entrance of the station door – so that we didn’t have to walk on stairs (that’s hard for Grandma). I bought three tickets and we sat on one of the benches in the terribly cold station and waited.

Here came Kosta, beaming on the horizon and he gave me a bear hug, almost managing to lift me in the air. We were rejoicing to see each other, after a long period of being quite busy and quite tired. I thought the whole idea was a huge mistake when Grandma had to jump over 50 cm in order to get on the train, but

she turned out to be a jumping hero.

So we were sitting in the train, beautiful landscapes passing by, all of us chit-chatting in a merry and open way. We talked about everything and I had never seen my grandma so joyful, I mean not even at Christmas! For Kosta took her bag and he helped her take off her coat, and then impressed her with his cheerfulness, and then his intellect. Then he said something about the mulled wine we both had last week in Jagerhof and she pouted a bit. But most of the time she looked so fortunate and

I knew she was having the best time in the world.

So we caught a taxi, stopped by the shop to shop for her, took her home and then we had to get back because Kosta had Kizomba classes. While traveling we invented a plot for one of my novels, which is coming soon. Then we were so hungry that we trotted to the nearest place with plenty of food and delighted in some wonderful meals. I called my grandma from there, and she said:

“Please, come and take me tomorrow! I would love to stay with you again!”

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