How To Stir Her Passion in a Relationship


How To Stir Her Passion?

Hide behind a nickname and send love letters of passion to your flame.
Support her through all her ordeals. Make her feel reinforced and nurtured.
Tell her the truth, always – about her projects, about her aspirations, how she may better herself in everything.
Start a similar project as hers. Be sincerely interested in her.
Be playfully aggressive to her, tease her, and flabbergast her, be virile and commanding

Drive her mad!

Make her play her favorite music for you.
If you chat with her smile and send hearts.

Make her feel she can share everything with you.
Treat her with your brilliant sense of humor. Joke with her – tell her what she doesn’t expect to hear, make her smile, make her stunned. Make her delighted.
Impress her with your eloquence. Tell her that she can convince anybody that the clover is a kind of dog. Speak her dialect. Swear like a true man.
Teach her how to perform elegantly all kinds of jobs that you both are proficient in.
Excel her, but admire her. Be constantly surprised by her.
Talk hard to her and make her excited for two days.
If you manage to do this – the relationship is well warmed up already.

But keep going!

Banish her from your work cabinet, because you keep getting excited when she’s around.
Ask her what the heck she is doing, when she provokes you, at the same time show, you can not resist.
Take her roughly in places of public, kiss her like she’s never been kissed.
Know how attractive you are: one look, one smile, she is devastated by your beauty.
Give her a lecture on her different view of the world and her childishness, and her business personality.
Threaten her with loverly stuff.
Find your common values and demonstrate them to her.
Tell her and often that you have got no words for her.

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