How To Not Dance Salsa

How To Not Dance Salsa By Lady F

Lady F’s observations are that there is one thing connecting all the people who ever tried to dance salsa amateurishly – and that thing is enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm makes men shake their hips while they dance and adorn their “style” with all kinds of “gracious” shoulder movements. An innocent, passive observer might conclude that “salsa is not for men.” Truth is, no instructor has ever shown them they should shake it like this, they are just of the opinion that they look fabulous. Most of them also make “faces of passion,” while they dance. Women on their turn tend to “step” in such manner that their pony tails swing at the effort, their feet joyfully springing off the ground, and they also give you “the look,” while they are doing this.

Some of the women have a hard time moving and they have to be practically dragged around by their partners, Lady F included. But even they can end up with a complete novice, and feel like a posh limousine car.

How About Complete Novices?

What do complete novices do? They raise your arm so high, that you have to jump while making the turn. Novices practically bend your arms in impossible directions and give you verbal signals of instruction, when they are not happy. They vary from extremely self-confident, to people who apologize for every second movement. Beginners tend to say to you: “Don’t worry, I suck as well!” Others, more aggressive instruct you: “But turn, why don’t you turn already, you are already supposed to.” And no one can blame them – most of the time they are right.

It took Lady F around two years of enthusiasm in order to familiarize herself with the features and requirements of this art. But quality dancing is still wishful thinking for her. She has evolved enough to know that there are thousands of things that could go wrong. Still, she is enthusiastic about dancing. Around her fifties, she will probably be a stunt performer. So dance her till the end of love…


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