He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

he loves

Are You Head Over Hears In Love?

Do not play with daisies. They do not know your destiny. Neither do ladybirds or herbs you place under the pillow, in order to know the name of your future husband. Any type of divination such as telling your fortune by your coffee cup or erecting an astrological chart will not suffice when it comes to predicting your love life. Fortune tellers have the useful habit of not being concrete with facts.  But people who are in love send rather clear signals to each other. When he loves, when she loves, they can’t hide it from the world.

How to know he thinks you are cool?

Your name is every second name on his mind. Of course, you have no way to know this – but somehow you feel – he is crazy about you and thinks about you a lot.

Trust your intuition above all.

He casts hot looks at you when he passes by. Just look into his eyes – they blast fire.

He gives you roses and frowns if somebody gives you daffodils. His grandpa used to give his grandma posies of wild geranium and he loves traditions.

He admits to all his friends, that the time he went to pizza with you is the best time he has ever had.

He loves to discover things you like and feed you spiritually.  He loves what you love as well. You have values in common.

He is generous in gifts, treats and showers you with attention.

He pretends to date one of his female friends, just because he wants to kill you from jealousy.

And as if that’s not enough, he is aroused by your very presence.

How to know she thinks you‘rе cool?

She wakes up with the thought for you. Of course, there is no way to know this – but she looks as if she wakes up with your name on her mind.

Trust your intuition above all.

She daydreams about you.

When she thinks of you, she walks on her toes. No high-heels are high enough, when she thinks of you.

When you snap with fingers – she comes.

If she has got the chance to touch you, she touches you with rapture and reverence.

If you love listening to Bach, she will listen with you for an hour and a half simply out of respect, just to be emphatic and know your taste, as much as she hates Bach.

If she is spiritually young, she wants all kinds of stuff and experiences from you and if she doesn’t get it – she becomes emotional, so to speak.

If she is spiritually evolved, she takes happiness in pleasing you – your senses, your mind, your body, your heart. She does all the things which please your heart well.

Ask her best friend – chances are they never change the subject. You are her hero.

She blushes at any mention of sex.

And if that’s not enough – she gets aroused at the thought of you. She stares you in such a way – that you can make no mistake. She’s yours.

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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