How To Make Yourself Beautiful To Him

How To Make Him Think You Are Beautiful?

Surprisingly, true men are afraid of the paint. So by painting the face of another woman upon your face is hardly the way to a decent person’s heart.

But what men do love is soft hair, smelling of herbs, soft lips, natural eyelashes, skin pleasant to the touch, curvy forms. Men are also prone to having peculiar fetishes: underwear, certain perfume, high heels, of course, tits, and bottoms.

One of my friends used to have a girlfriend who was very plain but had flabby cheeks. He loved the cheeks. He loved to kiss her there. Kissing her cheeks made him so fascinated with the cheeks, that after their relationship ended he often commented that the cheeks were the best thing in her.

So in order to make yourself beautiful for a man, you have to know what he loves.

Most men like the woman beside them to behave like a lady and impress other men – so that he can boast with her in her little red dress. But in the kitchen she must be a fairy in an apron, cooking cream caramel and ready for a quickie any time you please. And in bed, she has to be this passionate open-minded woman, that pleases you hard. All of these have nothing to do with looks.

Most women delight in manicure and haircut much more than men do. That does not mean, that a man cannot appreciate a woman with a stylish, accomplished appearance. But trying hard to be physically attractive to them is not always the best way to succeed in becoming so. Men are enchanted by woman’s ripeness of character much more than by her looks. They have needs to be nourished, supported, enchanted, amused, admired and adored. They need to hear the entire time that they are heroes. So, basically, there are much more important things a woman has to do to make herself attractive.

Traditionally, In order to be attractive to the opposite sex, a Hindu woman must excel in 64 arts, some of which are: singing, dancing, painting, making adornments, personal grooming, secret mantras, dressing, perfumery, ointments, magic and illusions, cooking, sewing, embroidery, poetry, recitation, storytelling, sexual arts, gems, artful dressing, making dolls…and that’s not all. Be like Hindu women, be creative.


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