To Be Healthy

to be healthy

In order to be healthy you need to be merry happy and bright.

You need to invest time in your body maintenance and include in your daily life your beauty routine, physical exercise, healthy diet and your generally amiable disposition.

Food Wise

A person who knows how to feed can repel all the weakness and illnesses from their lives. They enjoy the gourmet experience. You need a diet, which benefits the heart and keeps the mind lucid. Feast on ripe fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, well-raised meat. Try to accept food in its most natural state if possible. Include in your diet five servings of fruit per day. Eat colorful food, which appeals to the eyes. Increase the variety of foods you intake. Serve meals with salads to the side. Cut down on calories. Choose good carbs – brown and wild rice, oats, wholemeal loaves and pasta, taste fresh home-cooked food, home-baked bread fresh from the oven – oh!

Fats should be mostly from oily fish, avocados, walnuts and other nuts, extra-virgin olive oil, and flaxseed oil.

How you shop means how well you feed yourself. Your plate has to be full of flavor, fresh and nutritious. Eat organic food – supplied by people who care about the conditions in which it is produced.  Visit the farmer’s markets and buy fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the producer.

Rituals of Eating

Think of having a meal as a sacred time in the day, when you stop and relax. Meditate in food preparation, eat sitting at the table, looking at your beautiful meal. Nibbling mindlessly between meals is a way to take on more calories without actually enjoying the experience of eating.

Kickstart the day with a good portion of the nutrients your body needs – choose oatmeal, muesli, eggs, yogurt with fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Sip fresh orange juice the entire day. Spice up your life – buy a book about Indian Cuisine, and place curry powders and garam masalas on your table. Adopt the Mediterranean diet. Eat seasonal food. Enjoy a glass of red wine at dinnertime.

Movement Wise

Regular exercise is the way to be healthy and have a maintained body. People who exercise have better moods and suffer less from stress. Your muscles become toned. One has to aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. Exercise outdoors – it’s a joyful boost for the spirit. Keep yourself hydrated while you exercise.

You should choose activities that make you feel positive and confident about yourself and in a convenient place. Walking is as good for the heart as jogging. Indulge in basic meditation – it’s good for your vital balance.  If you are a beginner, keep an exercise diary. Use the stairs. Play nice music for your workouts. The best physical activities for a beautiful body are yoga, hiking, walking, dancing, and swimming.

Beauty Wise

What causes your body to age? Smoking, bad nutrition, stress, exposure to sun are responsible for both wrinkles and freckles. You have to learn to breathe deeply, intake vitamins, hydrate from within.  You have to detox your bathroom cabinet. Ditch anything in an aerosol, which pumps solvents in your respiratory system. Google for the top ten ingredients to avoid when you buy cosmetics. Honey is incredibly good for the skin. The wonder of white tea is that it is rich antioxidants and can prevent damage to the skin. Your skin needs cleansing and toning – use natural products. There are thousands of recipes your grandma knows to nourish your beauty. But the most important thing is, that a woman needs only a smile to be pretty. You have to be merry, happy and bright, in order to be beautiful, to be healthy and comfortable in your skin.

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