The Attractive Man Knows How To Treat Women


An attractive man knows how to treat women.

To make a fine first impression, he has to be pleasant to all the senses – that means he has to have a sonorous voice, smell nice and catch the eye. An attractive man turns on the girls with his very presence. He does not whine, he is at all times positive, genuine, charming. Truth is a man who is absolutely and fabulously attractive does not really exist. However, there are things one can do to score women’s attention most easily, as follows:

Instead of getting drunk like an idiot – sip Martini with olive like her, like a stylish gentleman. She will discern you from all men, who drink only brown stuff. Also, give up smoking while you are with her. Women appreciate men with strong will.

Wait for a time, when she is really sad and feels forlorn. Bring a bouquet of red roses and a romantic note. At the very least she will be touched and if she hasn’t yet branded your relationship as “only friends,” you may get any.

Always be merry.

When you are with her – forget about all troubles. The show has to go on. It’s one of the sources of personal power to always remain positive. That makes you different. It makes you brilliant.

Play badass. Pretend you are hard to get. Constantly remind her, you are “only friends” and frown when she mentions sex, but frown and then smile. Tease her until she capitulates and then pretend you haven’t done anything.

Spend the entire day working with her on her personal project, until both of you are tired to swoon and then bid her good night and sweet dreams about the project. Chances her, she will go to bed with the thought of you.

If she says she wants a kiss, don’t let her breathe from kisses. Make her shake. Alternate fast and passionate kisses with slow motion…The only thing a woman cannot do to herself is to kiss herself, mind that and really give it to her, to score high as a lover.

Be happy!

The happier you are – the most attractive you are to the opposite sex. For everybody enjoys a heartfelt conversation spiced with a little sense of humor, communicating with invigorating and refreshing personalities. Vibes do have in common with happiness and spiritual growth.


Author: LadyF

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