Sexual Juices

body liquids

Our Body Liquids

Our bodies, when excited release all kinds of body liquids that smell and taste wonderfully well. Some people enjoy them mixed with fruit, cream or chocolate and some with mustard.  A good lover is bound to leave saliva all over his partner’s body. The scent of rain, of pine tips, of burning fire in the forest – they aren’t even half as exciting as the smell of the man you are in love with. Sexual secretions and fluids, saliva, semen, are vital for lovemaking.

Try to go down a water slide without water and you will understand why sexual liquids are so important. Tantric philosophy teaches us that in order to balance; a man must absorb the liquids of the woman – from her lips and tongue, and breasts and mons veneris. French kissing allows the basic fluids of ecstasy to mingle and lovemaking to become more intense and satisfying.

Yin and Yang

As man benefits from absorbing Yin juices, so a woman can benefit from absorbing his Yang fluid. However, this is treated as a sort of sexual vampirism. A Chinese tale for adults tells of a legendary Queen of Western Paradise, who liked to have intercourse with young men. She extracted their vitality and they became ill, while she became more and more beautiful. In such a situation a woman risks losing her feminine qualities.

In the Tao tradition – if a woman discovers the way to nourish her potency and reach the harmony between Yin and Yang, she can transform herself completely. If during the sexual act she does not let the men absorb her sexual secretions, provided that he ejaculates, a woman will be able to feed on her lovers. Men’s semen have a transforming effect on her. Rig Veda, the ancient Hindu work says: “Though the wife should entice the man, it is a foolish woman, who sucks dry the wise man.”

Of course, the most profitable sexual technique for the couple is called mutual absorption and it has to do with body liquids. “Coming” or “not coming” are not the sole criteria for whether the act of love is considered successful or not

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