10 Super Cool Way To Explain Your Love To A Girl

explain your love

10 Super Cool Way To Explain Your Love To A Girl

How To Explain Your Love For Her?

Make a surprise party for her, with a dancing trick and a bouquet of red roses. Chances are she will experience all kinds of emotional outbursts at your lovely explanation in love.

Take her to a gourmet restaurant and treat her warm caramel cream, with her eyes tied, and in the end kiss her, long and sweet, whispering “you are the one I want” between her half-open lips.

Bring her breakfast in bed, with a love note on the napkin, with warm chocolate and her favorite pancakes, and take some cream with you. Have a heart-to-heart and tell her that she is the smartest and sexiest girl in town, and you will get an expensive orchid for her wedding gown.

Give her a briefcase and then take her to a trip after trip until it is stuck all over with stickers from different places. After you explore the world together, claim your prize – you want her forever.


Buy her a thing – not necessarily a diamond ring, but a lovely jewelry, to speak of your love. It has to be something personal, like a silver teddy bear – something that will always remind her of you. Steal a kiss, while you give the gift.

Take her to the chapel and marry her, then go to bingo together. Go to ride a balloon. Go to have a breakfast at the Eiffel Tower or high tea at Ritz. Spend a fortune to take her to Paris for your honeymoon.

Take her to a picnic at the river. Bring a basket with treats. Gather a bouquet of wildflowers, and hug her for hours. Suck on the same bonbon together.

Take her to the movies and if she leans on your shoulder,  kiss her during all the steamy scenes.

Write a poem for her. Send it as a love note on the refrigerator with a magnet from the place where you will kiss for the first time.

Express your gratitude. For all the times she’s stood by you, she deserves a kind word or two. Write “I love you” and “I kiss you” on river stones and place them on her desk.

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