10 Qualities Of Epic Sex

10 Qualities Of Epic Sex

  1. Epic sex is as romantic as the first kiss between two enamored people. Epic sex elevates you, it brings joy and love in your heart. It has got nothing to do with commonplaceness and banality. It’s good to the last drop.
  2. The truth is…well, actually – you are in love!
  3. You adore the body of the person you have made love to – you serve him special compliments during the intercourse. You call the most intimate part of his body “comely,” and you treat it with adoration and admiration, and relevant respect.
  4. You daydream about the act more than two weeks after it has happened. Every time you think of the intercourse, you obligatory exclaim that he is a hero.
  5. Half the fun is to tell, so you inform all your girlfriends about all the intimate details of what he did to you several times.
  6. You are a woman in your thirties – ripe and blossomed. The man has prolonged the foreplay for four hours. He serves you passion with your pleasure. He makes it rough until you beg. He bites and smooches, and teases, and goes on hard and harder. After he has satisfied every bit of your body, he goes down on you and makes love to you sensually.
  7. You were making out in a place, where you could be seen. He grabbed your bottom while you were ascending the stairs and contemplated on penetration. You offer him to take you in public places and he says this feels so right.
  8. You talk dirty, and every time you remember the things you said they make you climax spontaneously.
  9. You hug and kiss after sex, and speak softly to each other, and feel opened, connected, safe and satisfied.
  10. You receive the surprising triple orgasm, but you just don’t care.


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