How To Keep A Woman Excited For Two Days


Small talk… No, I am serious! Chit-chat with the lady and every now and then imply that she deserves a spanking. Joyfully insist that she deserves to be penalized, and tell her how you are going to do it, and when you are planning to do so. Then retreat from the conversation for half an hour, and watch how the poor woman follows you around like a little puppy with the spanking on her mind. Although never, in her entire adult life, has she experienced something as fabulous as you made it sound. A spanking from an absolutely innocent man is the best sexual experience an absolutely innocent woman can crave for.

So she is sitting in front of the computer warm on the inside, and she has got absolutely no way of balancing herself sexually. Her eyes sparkle with excitement. She opens the erotic chat and starts steamy conversations with some of the guys, but such conversations she distastes. Heaven is still on her mind, for you blasted her to paradise with the spanking promises. However, when she addresses you – you deny everything and keep your perfectly innocent demeanor. You leave the poor girl without choices.

That’s what friends do.

However, you left her in a pleasant, excited state – a soft warmth, her form slightly melted, sun shining through the window, her body craving for an aggressive male touch. You can leave her cooking for a few days like this, acting innocently. After two days of arousing inertia, she will finally feel a little soberer. She’s been tricked by you again, what was she thinking. In the middle of the second day, she will inform you that she has calmed down. It’s already safe to talk to her again about the usual stuff. Be careful next time – an excited woman is a serious business. You don’t want to have any on your mind, for that brings sleepless nights.


Author: LadyF

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