Planets rule the Heavens and travel on the Zodiac Belt.

They are energies who influence our life experience.

The Sun

is full of creative energies. It shows the nature of self, life purpose, and consciousness. It is one of the two luminaries from the planets.

Sun presides over the will, power, vitality, the masculine, the yang principle, the basic drive, psychic and physical energy, rulers and figures of authority.


The Moon

is the other luminary. It reflects feelings, reactions and the development of the soul.

It is the planet of material substance, female yin, receptivity, emotions, heredity, the past, mother, nurturing, family, domestic life, wife, change, instinct, habits, feelings of belonging, the masses.



is all about mentality, mind, communication, nerves and senses.

The rational mind, reason, language, intelligence, duality, writing, memory, creating associations, symbolization, skills, short journeys, movement, transportation, siblings etc.


Personal Planet: Venus

is the planet of values, love and money, harmony and the female energies.

It also rules values, art, beauty, creation, attraction, luck, magnetism, mother love, sensuality, bonding, harmony and merging.


Personal Planet Mars

is the planet of action, procreation, sex, ambition and impulse.

It rules the ego, the aggression, sexual drive, individuality, survival, yang, passion, courage, competition, sports, war, stamina, independence, force, conflict, vigor…



is the planet of spirituality, expansion, and joy.

It brings good fortune, religion, philosophy, travel, material abundance and extravagance, integration into society, optimism.



is the planet of structure, form, responsibility, protection and illumination. It’s also related to limitation, fear, time, karma, consolidation, delays, discipline, teachers, responsibility, obligation, ambition.



means change, breakthrough, new energies, eccentricity, and transformation.

It also has to do with being unpredictable, a genius, independent, free, reforms, inventions, electricity and the group mind.



is beyond the individual and some astrologers say it is the higher vibration of Venus.

It deals with sensitivity, psychic and mystical capacity, dreams, illusion, delusion, deception and drugs.



is the life-death-rebirth power in the Zodiac

Pluto is the planet of sex, a higher octave of Mars, he is the Phoenix, the Scorpion, Eagle, and Dove.

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