20 Kinds Of Kisses You Have To Taste

Kind of Kiss

 The In-Love Kiss

Two people fondly in love join their lips in a sweet union. It’s the only kind of kiss that counts and being in love is essential for all types of kissing that are described below:

The “Little kiss”

This is the kind of kiss men apologize with. They search your lips with their lips and plant a very warm and gentle kind of kiss only touching lips with lips. Their lips are burning with the best blood of the heart. You immediately feel forgiveness and the broken connection is established.

The Kiss on the Cheek

First, you feel his lips very close to your cheek, and his one-day beard scratches you a little, then he is nibbling your cheek a little, grazing with teeth against the skin – a little pain served with your pleasure. The Kiss on the Cheek is a fetish for some – you might remember it forever.

The Kiss on the Neck

It’s how you kiss the guy, who doesn’t expect to be kissed. Before he realizes what is happening in order to prevent it: You are already smooching at his neck.

Love’s first snowdrop – Virgin Kiss.

It’s the first kiss in your life. Remember, that if you do not lean your head 45 degrees, he will have to lean his 90 degrees. Other than that, you will do intuitively and with the luck of the beginner.

The First Kiss

You will probably remember the taste of the first kiss with a guy you have been in love with. It may taste of cheese cake or of anise – you are bound to keep the remembrance of it in your heart.

The Wanted Kiss

It’s a kind of kiss, which follows the anticipation of attraction – when the girl has fondly opened her mouth to receive a French Kiss. The guy has to tease her, but in the end he should take her, and when he does – that’s the seal of Love.

The Hungry Kiss

The Hungry Kiss is what happens when two people kiss to alleviate the feeling of gravity between them. This kiss is sudden and passionate, unruly, almost violent. It leaves you with the nice feeling of being ravished with desire.

Passionate Kiss

It can send shivers of joy up and down the spine and can convulse you with throes of passion. Lovers kiss and the Earth goes from under their  feet; their souls are no longer in their bodies; They have touched the stars; they knew the happiness of angels!

Aromatic Kiss

It’s the kiss during which you delight in your lover’s aromas – like the scent of her hair, her spicy perfume, her sweet breath. For this kiss is necessary to breathe her in, while you are kissing her.

The Flattering Kiss

While you kiss, you compliment her on her lips, her sweetness and the effect she has on you. You tell her, she is gorgeous and an accomplished lover. Treat her ego nicely while you are taking her most precious.

The Kiss She Asked For

Women are pretty serious when they want to be kissed. Do not spare her the kisses, when she wants it – give in to her, spoil her, enchant her. Satiate her cravings and she will be yours to have and to hold.

The Heavenly Kiss

When you both feel such bliss, that you are certain Heaven is a place on Earth. It feels like angelical music is playing in your ears and you are both blending in an eternal union. That’s one of the longest kisses and you don’t want to let go.

The Honey Kiss

It’s when you are sipping delight from her lips. The kissers suck on their lips joyfully and sweet feelings prevail in them. It’s a very intimate, devoted kind of kiss – when you sip the nectar from between her lips. Both of you are connected in one.

The “Everything” Kiss

Don’t forget to kiss with more than your lips. There are also tongues, cheeks, beard, teeth that have to be used. Start by joining the tips of your tongues, and trust in the Lord for the rest.

The French Kiss

The French have perfected their “soul” kiss. They have always been free thinkers. We have got a lot to learn from the French. They show us how to gently caress our tongues and merge with each other.

The Long Kiss

That’s the kiss among lovers who have been craving a lot for each other. After being parted, or after a long period of courting you want to indulge in a really satisfying kiss. The Long Kiss makes you feel you belong more than any other form of intimacy.

The Biting Kiss

It’s definitely among the most favorite. It has to be measured – no unpleasant pain should be felt, only the gentle scratch of teeth on the verge of pleasure and pain, which commands passion like no other kiss.

The Whole Body Kiss

This form of intimacy includes planting love kisses upon every part of your partner’s body. It is heavenly for sensual people. The Whole Body Kiss tries to please your every cell, and is among the best kinds of foreplay.

The Spiritual Kiss

It can pass among the adoring eyes of lovers. Hot-blooded Latin races know the power of such kisses. It makes you tremble with desire, it blasts you to heaven. Everything melts down. Lovers are ablaze.

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