If You Want To Learn Astrology

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If You Want To Learn Astrology

If you want to learn Astrology you might want to know how to make a:

Natal Chart

A Natal Chart is the horoscope of an individual erected according to his unique place and time of birth. It shows where the planets were located at the time of the “native’s birth.” It looks like this:

Angelina Jolie's Chart
The Chart of Angelina Jolie

The glyphs denote the Planets and the Signs. They are the first thing you want to learn if you want to deal with Astrology. The blue and red lines are respectively beneficial and tense aspects, angles which the planets are making. The numbers show the Houses and we can clearly see their dwellers – Signs and Planets.

In order to gain a basic understanding of a Natal Chart, make a table for each of the planets and fill in this information. Then read about the corresponding position of the Sun, or use the astrological cards of GoTeen.


Ruled By




One of the best reasons to learn Astrology is the ability to make a synastry. Synastry is the comparison of two Natal Charts which are overlapped to compare and assess the potential of the relationship between the natives.

The inner wheel is usually that of the woman, while the outer is that of the man. What astrologers observe in a synastry are the aspects between the planets of both charts. These aspects are the basis to estimate the couple’s chance of being soul mates.

Personal Planets

Astrologers focus on how your Personal planets communicate: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. The aspects among these planets are all Aspects of Love. They define the most important components of a relationship: love, passion, understanding, communication, life, problems, tension and stress as well as happiness and good luck. The Synastry chart is the most objective and accurate astrological method to discover how compatible you are and what kind of situations may arise in your relationship. Compatibility reports provide profound understanding of the couple’s energy. Once superimposed, the two charts give information of the aspects formed between the two partners’ planets, but also their mutual position in the houses of the partner.

Before Synastry it is necessary to first analyze the partner’s charts separately and then compare them.


Brad Pitt's Chart
The Chart of Brad Pitt



The astrologer has to introduce himself to the charts of both parties, so that he may assess their compatibility more effortlessly.

This is how the Synastry Chart looks for two very famous actors, who only recently broke up

In order to interpret a Synastry, you need to make a table of the major planets, which looks like this:

Planet Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter


Watch the aspects (angles) between the Planets of both lovers. Then analyze the placement of the planets in the corresponding houses of the lovers to predict some of their issues and situations. For this you need a list of the Planets and information about in which House and Sign of the partner they fall in.


People learn Horary Astrology is when they want to ask the skies for advice. It is an ancient branch of Astrology and it deals with a question received by the astrologer at a specific time. The positions of the Moon and its aspects are of prime importance. The person who asks the question – the querent is represented by the Ruler of the Sign on the Cusp of the First House. The Astrologer erects a horary chart for the question. For instance “Where is my dog” – is a question represented by sixth house, since it governs small animals. The house cusp will be in a particular sign, say Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is why the Sun will be considered “the significator” of the dog. Its position and state in the horoscope will give implications to the animal’s location.

Astrological Transits

What will happen to me today? People learn Astrology, because interpreting Astrology Transits is a way of forecasting future by comparing the Natal Chart to the present, ongoing movement of the planets. A very important transit is the “planetary return,” which is when the transiting planet returns to the same point in the sky where it used to be when the native was born. This signifies a new beginning for the person.

Retrograde Motion

We learn Astrology to know when we are going retrograde. When Earth passes past a comparatively slower or faster moving planet, it is said, that the planet is in retrograde motion. Most astrologers consider that this bestows upon us all times of difficulty or stress.

Electional Astrology

“When should I marry? When should I cut my hair?” The querent asks a question that is to be answered by the astrologer. The latter finds the most auspicious date and time for the event to take place. On a particular date, the Astrologer makes talismans and seals – imbued with the quality of the date they were made. One can find instructions for talisman making in medieval literature.

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