Taurus And Scorpio Love Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio is a great match

After Michael, Angele did not feel devastated.  She soon went on a cruise where she met on board the lovely Scorpio Valentine Tremblay, who loved adventures. Taurus and Scorpio were immediately impressed with each other. He had a corpulent, strong, able body, and a subduing, handsome face which exuded manhood. From the very first moment she laid eyes on him, she knew: He was dramatic, intense and potent. He had a powerful personality, she dragged him to bed immediately.

Tremendous Attraction

There was a tremendous attraction between them. It was based primarily on their sexual experiences. But it was more than the sex. Both of them were so possessive and jealous, so powerful and potentially destructive. They provoked each other’s jealousy for they both wanted the ultimate proof of love. Angele was open and frank, while Valentine was entangled with secrets. They both held their opinions for dear life, never compromising. However, their relationship was intense. Their relationship was epic. Onlookers couldn’t believe they will make it together. But they knew nothing of the smoldering sex, angry, elemental sex. That sexual chemistry could also grow into a positive force, once the jealousy of Valentine realized that Angele is not going anywhere…When he understood she is forever their relationship deepened significantly.

Between Taurus and Scorpio, Scorpio Dominates

Valentine was the one who dominated the relationship. All he wanted was everlasting love. Angele Claudine was enticed, challenged and overwhelmed by Valentine. All in all, from steamy sex, they didn’t have the chance to delight in the cruise or even catch seasickness. Both of them were equally serious in their quest for a soul mate. Valentine’s love was like a hurricane, exactly what a woman like Angele needed to flourish in his loving hug. Above all, in the golden cage of his loving, she was a merry bird. It was a passionate, prolific relationship, stable and secure. But before they started making kids, Valentine met Julienne Saint-Yves and…

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