Sex With Sagittarius

sex with sagittarius

How To Have Sex With Sagittarius?

He is the lover-gentleman.

He will take you to the stars. Ardently he will kiss you in front of your girlfriends. He will take you to the cinema and eat breakfast with you after a wild night of lovemaking. Sex with Sagittarius is lovely! He is sexy, gracious and an excellent conversationalist. The entire time he emits sexual surprises. He will take you in his arms and kiss your ears so hard that you will feel ticklish everywhere, and your head will burst. Then he will place his hand on your knee and caress you, while he is flirting with women across the table, making you feel you belong together. He is romantic and kind and full of blissful compliments, he is from the Club of the Charming Princes.

Together you can

You can discuss all kinds of things together – like concerts, theater shows, lifestyle, Spanish Cinema and of course sex. He loves it hard and loves changing positions; he is sexually dynamic and a delicious, and a surprising lover. You will receive self-confidence, you will remember every moment with him, from the overture, to when he said to you “I can’t handle you anymore!” and climaxed. Sex with a Sagittarius is a delicious blend of emotion and roughness, he is dynamite. He loves your tender touch and tells you that you have golden hands.

After you are done

After you are finished, you think of the next time, you want to do it again. You dream of him, you tell your girlfriend, you make other men jealous, for he is something special. Both your bodies exude passion and he gives you self-esteem like no other. Sex with Sagittarius is once in a lifetime experience. He is into intelligent, talkative women. Once you have connected with him on a sexual level, you both are not going to forget each other – this relationship thrives on the tender sentiments of friendship.

Getting Visual

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