Taurus And Libra Compatibility Tale

Taurus and Libra

Angele Claudine and Michael Germaine – Taurus and Libra

After being dumped by Eric Alexis, Angele Claudine soon found heart aspirations in the hugs of a man under the sign of Libra. His name was Michael Germaine. He had a well-framed body and subtle personality, lovely visage and blond hair. Both of them under Signs ruled by Venus (Planet of Love and Money) share a love of art, poetry, and culture. Being Taurus and Libra, they loved pleasing their senses with fine dining and music. They loved wooing and courtship was a meaningful part of their relationship. Angele was stubborn, but Michael was diplomatic and they got over it. Angele appreciated Michael’s charm and was able to help him overcome his notorious inability to make decisions.


Both Taurus and Libra loved beauty, luxury, love, and romance. However, their elements are quite contradictory (Earth and Air), which makes Angele very practical and Michael focused on intellectual stimuli, whether it is practical or not. Sexually Angele was more physical, while Michael was more mental, enjoying romantic, slow build-up. Both of them inclined to romantic and patient lovemaking. However, Michael required a fair amount of mind stimulation – love poetry and stuff, while Angele was simply cuddly.

Of course..

Of course, Angele was a wonderful person, no doubt about this. But the problem between them Taurus and Libra was their style of making decisions. Angele simply waited for somebody to come and solve the problem. Michael? Much the same. Two of them unable to talk honestly about many things and preferring problems to solve by themselves had conflicts quite frequently, indeed. According to Michael, she had “money issues” – she didn’t like things bought without a clear purpose – she thought a lot and hard before shopping.

End of Taurus and Libra

This relationship would have worked if Michael was able to be completely faithful. But since he didn’t understand the word “completely” that soon gave rise to conflicts and Angele was dumped one more time.

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