Sex With Virgo


She’s the one with the headache from the popular jokes. Truth is Virgo is sexually shy, and a little prude. In sex as well as in other activities she is into details – soft kisses, hugs and enamored words, which gently flow into her ear and make her crave for more. In sex she likes to stick to a routine – her flexible and athletic body is made to attract the men. However, if you expect from her to indulge in sexual activities before she has made a spiritual connection with the partner – you will run upon the rocks. The Virgin is not that kind of lady.

Virgo is well disciplined and will have sex on a regular basis just because it’s a healthy activity. She likes the smell of clean, all kinds of scents ravish her, she loves comfort and even though she needs control over all areas of her life, in bed she likes to submit. Her agile mind makes her fond of conversing before and after the act. If she is more experience the Virgin is actually fond of and good at teaching you how to pleasure her. To her sex is a joyful union with her partner, no more, no less. If she cheats on you – you will never know and she expects the same favor from you. She does not like the feeling of jealousy at all.

Changeable as she is, the Virgo might want to try anything in bed, although some pleasures may be too much for her rather conservative personality. She has got a wonderful gut feeling how to please a man and make him feel like a Lord. The bedstead exercises are her only way to relax from her constant worry. Lovemaking is to her a space of trust and balance. She loves serving orgasms.

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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