What Is A Horoscope?


See proper Astrology is way more complex than what the magazines are trying to impose on us.

The birth horoscope is a “script of life” and gives you a glimpse at your “life drama.” The Belt of the Zodiac is the stage, and the Planets are the actors, who perform on this stage.


All of them possess their own history, unique energies, individual needs, has dignities and debilities and a way of becoming life. With their influence, they enter the twelve sections of the natal chart that are in the astrological language known as Houses. The Houses represent the 12 different “arenas” of your life and are essential in prediction Astrology.


Apart from the Houses, the Sings of the Zodiac fall in four categories called “Elements.” They are also called “triplicities” since each triplicity gives its archetypal energy to three of the signs.  Elements and triplicities are synonyms.

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Here comes the Sun and it is really influential. It represents the person’s potential, their uniqueness, and their life purposes. After we have discussed the Sun, the Moon is another of the crucial planets in astrology – it deals with our inner self, the instinctive, the intuitive and emotional part of the heart.


Apart from the planets, you should watch out for the angles they are making.  The angle means that the two or more planets involved enter into relationships with each other at the time of birth, thus influencing the native through their connected energies.


The Birth Chart itself has got four angles, and they are known as the Ascendant, Descendant, Imum Coeli and Midheaven. A planet connected to one of these astrological points has got a deep influence upon our lives.

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