Aries And Pisces Compatibility Tale

Aries and Pisces

How Do Aries And Pisces Relate?

Lucile Lauren was the most sensitive woman Jean-Claude had met. She was born under the Sun Sign of Pisces and was 24 when he met her at his favorite retreat place in the world – the beach. She was lucky he liked them really curvy, she had a pale face like the moon and very inviting eyes. Aries and Pisces were immediately impressed with each other.


While they were together basking in the lavish Sun, there were many things to talk about – all kinds of life situations which asked for support or advice. Aries and Pisces had good communication. But their emotional worlds were significantly different. Jean was into strong, colorful, passionate women. Lucile had a changeable emotional world, she was a little sad and a little visionary, and quite easy to disappoint. Aries and Pisces turned out to be very different from each other. The weird thing is they both valued honesty, but it was so hard to relax and trust when they were together. They just had so much trouble connecting; that it was weird they both ended in bed. It was hard for them to go beyond their physical sensations and be one with each other since their sexual energies found it hard to accept each other.


With Jean sex was instinctive. Lucille craved for the orgasm that had to happen in an artistic manner. We all know how much Jean Claude liked a quickie. Now we find out that he was simply not interested in sharing emotions all night and waking up in the afternoon. Aries and Pisces – it seemed things weren’t going to work out between them two. No, ten minutes after he woke up – Jean Clothed was bathed, fully dressed, wearing shoes and waving to Lucille from the front door, leaving her haven forever. While Lucille felt actually alleviated from getting rid of the miserable object of love from the previous night. End of Aries and Pisces.

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