How Do The Signs Fall In Love


Aries, Man

In the Medieval era, those born under the Sign of Aries would perform for you a serenade under your window.  The contemporary Aries sings to you love songs under the shower, even though it is better when he does not sing. His heart is full of dangerous passions, and he has got no patience to express them, which leads to appalling sincerity with which he claims you, and takes you to the cave. He will excite every bit of you and will try to please you in details, and he will do it hard and fast. The best place to fall for an Aries would on the beach, where he swaggers his handsome body around. Without filters he might say something about your tits and how he feels about them. His delights in “the quickie” more than any other Sign.

Taurus, Man

You will receive gifts from the Taurus. He will bring to you Indian Tea, and Turkish spices, and Egyptian Hookahs, and hilarious monkeys. He will write a love letter to you and take you to the theatre. He will expect you to perfume your hair and anoint your body with essential oils. When he looks into your pretty eyes – he forgets to breathe. However, you are not supposed to annoy him in any way, by touching his stuff, or taking him out of his comfort zone. He is really traditional in approaching women, he will kiss by the book and treat lovemaking as an art. He is especially attracted to foreign women, different cultures allure him and he is the richest sign of the Zodiac.

Gemini, Man

He will treat you like a character in one of his books. He will intuitively read your mind and finish your sentences. He will create all kinds of surprises for you and make you laugh – honestly. He will attract you insanely with his agile and subtle mind. When he gets used to you, he wants you around 24/7 and that without being clingy, but in his own, elusive, airy way. He will flirt with you till you kick. He is oh-so-funny and delirious, so versatile, so smart, so sexy, that it’s hard for you to believe it that he is really into you. Signs for that: he wants to read to you while you cuddle in bed, he wants to share his stuff with you – like eating half the pancake or washing half the dishes. He will want to know all about you – you are like an encyclopedia for him.

Cancer, Man

He is the Sign who will give you a second chance for the 7th time. He’s the Sign who will cry a river if he does not receive the attention he is craving. But you will be stupid to repel a Cancerian for he truly is marriage material. He’s just so loyal to his family, and he is great at serving and satisfying your needs. He will intuitively understand you without many words.  He will sentimentally keep all your old photos from your trips together, he will likely write poetry for you. However, he is vulnerable like a chick, you should be extra careful with his feelings. He can really shift between moods, when he is not appreciated.

Leo, Man

He is flamboyant, sexy, gorgeous – the life of the party, the sexiest guy in school, the one girls faint about. Treat his ego nice compliments and you will make a wonderful first impression. He is magnanimous, magnetic and charismatic – needless to say – he is the Beauty in your relationship. He is the master – you have to submit to his will. Actually, he loves it, when his woman steals the attention from him, but women are generally not capable of such an exploit. He is generous – why, it’s not really her fault that she can’t be that cool, so he will take her under his wing and protect her. After all, she is his to claim, for he has hunted her for so long that the effort he put into the relationship makes it precious to him. And it’s really lovely to be Leo’s precious.

Virgo, Man

Virgo’s touch is healing to the soul. He will nurture and protect his lover, but you have to be ready to submit the entire time to his mundane demands. He will require from you to be tidy and neat, with a fresh haircut, perfumed and clean, dolled up and a little old-fashioned. Other than that Virgo is really very cool. He will explain to you everything you are supposed to know in great details. He is shy and a little conservative, his favorite four-lettered word is “must.”  He knows what people and events must be like and what must be done. He knows this better than everybody and will explain it to you in great details, until you submit to his omniscience and do everything right as it has to be done.

Libra, Man

He’s got the looks. He is very attractive, graceful and elegant, walks like a tomcat and wears a pretty scarf. He looks at you like a sexy Mafioso, who believes that with a kind word you may achieve more than with a gun, and you are his target. He’s got so many kind words he wants to speak to you. He’s got so many things to balance in the relationship, especially that he is constantly changing. He is hot and then cold, he’s up and then down – so you fight and break up, then you kiss and makeup. Then he doesn’t change. He pouts and smiles, he’s naughty then nice – you are in for a really wild ride. Pleasure and artistic activities are in store for you.

Scorpio, Man

His love is dangerous. It’s a place you’ve never been before, it’s heaven and you are happily confined for an eternity. Once committed, you both will feel lost without each other. He initiates intimacy with the determination to please you. Only the foreplay lasts for no less than four hours. Please you, he will! He is for the women, who need in their bed not a performer like Leo, not a soldier like Aries, but a true hero. His name is passion, his second name is emotion. He is a born mystic. He can foresee your future and it involves him. He will stimulate your achievements with sentences like: “If you want a man like me, you will have to endeavor in a lot of things.” He’s a true warrior of light, and the best sexual catch in the Zodiac.

Sagittarius, Man

He is princely and wise. Sagittarius is good at making crowds smile. He is the eternal hooligan, he is playful, he is constantly on the move – and he tastes foreign cuisine, roams foreign lands and beds foreign women. He is so sporty in love that he avoids entangling himself in relationships – he is there for the moment, picking your flower in its freshness, the true Don Juan, and tonight it’s you. You will have an excellent conversation, he will most likely treat you and outtalk you, unless you are a Gemini.  His heart is passionate and noble, he just wants so much to taste the world. He is well accepted in the company of ladies, who find him most alluring. He is generous, lavish and then he goes, leaving you craving for more summer love.

Capricorn, Man

There are no victories in his history without love. And achievement is the trigger for Capricorn. You are sort of an emotional investment for him. While, he, himself can be extremely unemotional. He will dominate you and protect you, and lead you…but he will be as moody as Eeyore. He will boss you around, he will not leave you personal space, he wants to be the king of infinite space and he is confident he will achieve it. He is also jealous and suspicious, and if he catches you cheating – there that would be the end of it. But unless you really like steadiness, what will you want to do with a horned creature like Capricorn. But then he is so ambitious that one way or another he’s going to get you.

Aquarius, Man

Here it all starts with being just friends and the most intimate you can get is “friends with benefits.” Like all air sign he intuitively reads your mind and has got this relaxing air around him, this dreamy and quiet space in his heart. He is independent, but once you get his attention, he will constantly return to you. His are the worlds of hopes and dreams, his nature is affectionate, he is a dreamer. Everybody wants Aquarius, because he is the most original lover in the horoscope. He simply loves making out and he does it in the most imaginative ways. He is a soft and warm lover, who gives you the right feelings, a fine and true romance.

Pisces, Man

Yours is the most spiritual man in the Zodiac. Also, the dreamiest. He will provide peace for you, he will be gentle, you are not likely to fight each other. But, trouble is lurking! – He hates trouble! Once he stops being “the hero of your dreams” he is likely to retreat in his own safe haven. He needs to be assured on a daily basis that, there, he is a champion. If you manage to this – he will be a heartfelt and romantic lover, he will even grant you wishes like the Golden Fish. Spontaneous and loving, he will be a very pleasing lover to a calm and positive, and emotional person. Whenever they are having difficulties, they fight with their positive and moony nature.

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