The Horoscope Of Chuck Norris

Have you ever wondered why is Chuck Norris the way he is?

Here are some astrological explanations of Chuck Norris Facts.

Rumor has it that:

When Chuck Norris turned 18, his parents moved out.

Chuck Norris was born under the Pisces Sun. This means his personality doesn’t react well to stress. He doesn’t react well to being confined. So he waited until his legal age to chill out. It’s hard being 18 – the troubles begin.

Only Chuck Norris has caught all the Pokemons and that with his home telephone.

Because of the nature of his Mars in Taurus – Chuck Norris is quite stubborn and resistant. He has a strong desire to own things and his possessions are very important to him.

Just like your heart, Chuck Norris never stops beating.

With his native Sun in sextile with  Mars, he has got a great deal of physical energy. It just needs to be released. You better not be around. With the Moon in Aries, he is quite courageous, impulsive and careless.

Chuck Norris was the only person who convinced his grandma that he is not hungry.

With Jupiter and Moon in conjunction, Chuck’s grandma is very important to him, and he’s got a good relationship with her. Mercury – the planet of communication is in Pisces, which provides rich imagination and a lot of time daydreaming, and that also makes you unusually sensitive to other people’s feelings.

At night, the ghosts gather around the fire and tell each other stories for Chuck Norris.

By doing everything in his own way, he is able to show others the way. With the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter, he can even make others feel good when they are depressed – hence the stories from those miserable ghosts.

Only Chuck Norris has got an iPhone with a whole apple.

With his Venus in Taurus – he is very fond of beautiful things and luxury.

Chuck Norris has watched the last episode of “The Bold And The Beautiful.”

With his Sun in Pisces, Chuck Norris is timeless and also psychic – so he either knows the future or has channeled the last episode of this serious TV saga.

When Chuck Norris slices onions, the one who cries is the onion.

Mars in Taurus: anger can be a problem for Chuck, and the problem is that the onion may try to take advantage of his difficulty to express it, not realizing he is actually angry until it’s too late.

Only Chuck Norris doesn’t love Raymond.

Any type of limitation is hateful to Chuck Norris. Raymond is not his type. However, under the energy of Venus in Taurus, he is a warm person and forms lasting attachments to people.

Chuck Norris has died ten years ago – just the old woman with the scythe is afraid to tell him.

Good for her! Because of his Mars in conjunction with Uranus, Chuck reacts very badly to pressure. He is rash and headstrong, and it’s better for the old woman with the scythe to stop doing anything that involves some danger.

Superman has got pajamas with Chuck Norris.

Well, Superman is trendy.


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