Aries And Virgo Compatibility Tale


After his short-lived relationship with Tatiana Roberte, Jean Claude met Sara Michelle in the park, while they were walking their dogs. Sara Michelle was a neat and very maintained woman, and yes – she was under the Sign of Virgo. Jean was walking his Terrier, and Sara was walking her friendly, peaceful and easy-to-groom Beagle. She had a slender body, black hair, lovely creature, excellently well-spoken. They were sitting on the bench having a heart to heart. The first impression she made was that she was very independent and pragmatic and a bit melancholic, but somehow unstable. She was not of the ravishing kind of women, he was used to flirt with, but she looked like she cared like Mom, and all he needed at that time was care.

He somehow felt he can trust Sara Michelle, and he was straightforward with her – she told her all about Angele Claudine, Julienne Saint-Yves and Tatiana Roberte, and he loved her witty comments, and her modest smile. He was fast to find out that she values hard work and ambition, and she was good with facts – so he thought she would be the perfect colleague. He was most impressed by the fact that they could go to a run together, because it’s healthy, spend time in nature because it’s healthy and even have regular intimate activities once a week, because it’s healthy. So Jean thought that he would like to spend some time bedding Sara.

They were totally the clumsiest couple ever involved in sex. To express her sexuality, Sara needed a partner, who is patient, versatile and committed to foreplay. Jean on his side seemed like a brute without manners or tact. The last relationship of Sara however, was so disappointing that she was open for an interesting change in her intimate life.

So, she moved in. She valued his honesty, but those two were so annoying that they got everyone around them tense. When you think of a partner who brings out the best of you – Jean and Sara were the worst possible match. Jean was impulsive, ready to fight, and lost their mind over garden-variety problems. Sarah was a little hysteric, never ceased talking and did not feel understood.

She liked things clean, and Jean was an animal in his cage – it was madness to decide to live together. Endless, pointless fights, Sara screaming in a repellent way, involved in a really inadequate sexual activities, they had no substance to their romantic relationship. In the end they were walking their dogs without speaking a word to each other, and Jean Claude had to go away. At least none of them was heart-broken for it was the worst relationship ever.

Author: LadyF

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