Planetary Dignities and Debilities


Each Planet feels in a different way when visiting the different Signs of the Zodiac. In some of their Houses, the Planet feels at ease and happy, while in others it feels moody and grumpy. The astrologers have divided those feelings into “dignities and debilities.” Each planet has got its own Sign, where it feels: rulership, exaltation, detriment, and fall.


The Planets – their location in the Zodiac Belt and their interaction with each other, known as aspects are the heart of Astrology – all other considerations: houses, signs, fixed stars are secondary in importance.

Astrologers have learned to assess the level of dignity each planet has. Those have been introduced in ancient times by Ptolemy and here’s a representation of the dignities and debilities with astrological glyphs.


Because each planet has its own individual influence on us, each has its advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses, “dignities and debilities,” moments of ease or stress. Typicaly when a planet is domicile it is considered the highest dignity – because it is entering the sign of its rulership. The characteristic of the Planet relates to the character of the Sign: and they are both alike. The Planet feels most comfortable in her home. The Planet is acting in a very powerful way – responding to the Planet’s lifestyle or other qualities.

There is a position of a Planet in the chart, when it feels an exaltation. To many astrologers that’s the greatest dignity. In this position it can employ a lot of energy and it brings out the best in us. A Planet is an honored guest in the Sign it is exalted in. It’s under the limelight, it performs.

One of the debilities is when the Planet is in the fall. In the falling position it strives to express on a physical level, and the native is physically uncomfortable with the influence. The planet feels low level of energy and can not work its potential. In this position, the Planet feels less refined – like a person in a foreign land with differing customs.

The greatest debility in astrology is when a Planet is in the Sign of its detriment. This means that the qualities of the planet are totally opposite to that of the Sign it is positioned in. The planet feels like it’s exiled or in its enemies’ camp –  it is not safe, it has no freedom.

The Mantra: Home Sweet Home pertains to the Planets as well.

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