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Knowing the position of the Planets by sign and by a House isn’t enough. You also need to know how the Planets interact with each other. That information is revealed by the mathematical angles, or aspects, between the Planets.

While the Planets are visiting the different Houses of the Zodiac, they are communicating to each other through what we call “aspects.” There are several kinds of aspects observed by astrologers when making a horoscope. It is widely believed that through harmonic aspects the planets manifest their good qualities, and through the inharmonic ones – their faults.


In the case of conjunction – both principles act together and when they are harmonic, their influence is beneficial, if they are inharmonic – they act in an unfavorable manner creating discord among the Planets. If the two planets are malefic or ill-positioned they will influence disturbingly upon the life of the individual. In the cases of good conjunction the principles will cooperate harmoniously, help each other, produce harmonic vibrations, and through them talents, gifts, benefits and cases of success. The conjunction is a particular aspect. It contains the qualities of all kinds of aspects – it can be harmonic or tense and it is the strongest aspect in the horoscope.

During the conjunction of say, Venus and Jupiter one can make a Sacred Ritual or a talisman for prosperity. Venus representing love and Jupiter representing wisdom draw our eyes towards the heavens to witness their spectacular alignment. The conjunction focuses the power and the intentions of the two planets, it combines them, it merges them. It’s time to invite love and money in your life. The conjunction is the manifestation of the creative power as well.

Trine – is welcome in a native chart, being the most harmonic aspect among all others and defines easiness of interaction among the Planets. They cooperate wonderfully, they support each other. It is often said that this is the aspect of luck, happy chances, no obstacles.

Sextile shows that the two Planets are two Signs apart from each other. He is the second in power good or harmonic aspect.

The opposition is generally considered to be a major, hard aspect.  It creates a lot of tension and inconvenience in the life of a person, his faith, his situations. The man is facing the necessity of choice. In the best scenario, he changes himself, changes his position and overcomes the action of the Opposition. It is the aspect of personal growth and signifies great passions and intensive energies in relationships.

Square does not give us tension but keeps us in a condition of constant battling. If the man is strong, smart and sensitive enough, he will manage to defend himself from this energy.

The aspects are amazing – they are the secrets of the cosmic geometry. Easy charts are not necessarily better than hard charts – the latter are for highly accomplished achievers.

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