Intro To The Zodiac Belt, Ascendant And Houses


The Universe is pretty orderly – cyclic and predictable. Тhe celestial bodies keep on their paths and adhere to their motion. Our early ancestors observed a relationship between celestial events and life on Earth. It occurs to people on Earth from their point of view,that the Sun, the Moon and all the planets go about the Earth. Their imaginary way almost coincides with the Sun’s path around the Earth (the ecliptic) and is called the Zodiac Belt.


Here are the Glyphs and Symbols of the Astrological Signs in the Zodiac Wheel.


The Zodiac Belt is then divided into twelve signs of 30 degrees each, starting with 0 degrees of Aries, the day of the Spring Equinox. The positions of the planets are mapped on a chart showing what sign each planet is visiting in any particular moment.


The word horoscope comes from the Greek “horoscopus” which means “consideration of the hour.” In other words – the horoscope means literally a time-map. After they divided the space in heavens into signs, the early astrologers were able to plot the position of the planets in the sky.


Due to the unceasing movement of the Earth around its axis, every two hours on the Eastern horizon, just like the Sun, a new Sign is rising, which in Astrology is called Ascendant or Rising Sign and it is marked with Asc.


Ascendant is one of the most important points in a horoscope, along with the position of the Sun and the Moon. It is found in the Zodiac Sign which was rising on the horizon in the moment of the native’s birth – therefore it is closely related to the exact time and place of birth. Most astrologers demand this information in order to be able to calculate the Ascendant properly. The Ascendant is also called Rising Sign. The Descendant is the sign which sets on the horizon, while Midheaven and I.C. are other important points in the horoscope.


Now looking at this graphic, it’s time to discuss what these numbered pie slices really represent. They are houses – the places where everything in your life occurs. Each of the 12 houses encompasses a specific arena of life, the stage where the drama of the planets unfolds. Everything in your life happens in one of these houses from how you brush your teeth to where you keep your secrets. Below the horizon are the houses of personal development – above the horizon are the houses of your relationships to the outer world.


Now guess what? The heavenly bodies reside in your houses. The houses of the horoscope represent different fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs and planets operate to create the native’s destiny.


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