The Ascendant And The First House


Your Rising Sign is the face you show to the world. For instance, if your Sun Sign is Leo and you don’t have a head of fiery curls and you have never had the desire to be the center of attention it simply means that your Rising Sign is not really Leo. The Rising Sign shows how people perceive us: physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s the face – the personality you show to the world. While the Sun reveals our basic ego, the Moon –  our inner emotional self – the ASC stands for how the world sees us. It is basically the mask a person wears when interacting with others. It shows how we cope with daily issues. ASC is our “First Impression” Sign.  It determines traits we are comfortable expressing with others and it often correlates to physical build and personal style.

The ASC is the cusp of the First House in the Zodiac Wheel.

First House is about how we express ourselves. This is how the different Signs express themselves in the First House:

Aries: “It’s all about me!”
Taurus – “Don’t mess with me!”
Gemini – “Talk to me!”
Cancer –  „Take care of me!”
Leo – “Look at me!”
Virgo – “Don’t look at me!”
Libra – “Be friends with me!”
Scorpio – “Leave me alone!”
Sagittarius – “I’ll entertain myself!”
Capricorn – “What do you want?”
Aquarius – “Let’s all get along!”
Pisces – “Hmm, that’s interesting!”

The First House planets affect your personality strongly. They signify the following features of the native: body, appearance, personality, face, health, character, temperament, intellect, longevity, fortune, honor, dignity and prosperity.

Sun in the First House gives well-proportioned body and is the position of mentally disturbed people. The native loves to travel and has financial ups and downs. The native has got self-respect, courage, playfulness, but also problems in the marriage. They are ambitious, whimsical, suspicious and can be famous.

With Moon in the First House, you will be wealthy, elegant, handsome, attractive, fond of wandering, charming and attractive to the opposite sex. You will also be whimsical, secret planner, confident.

If Mars is in the First House – the person is pushful and aggressive, stubborn, ambitious, wealthy, famous, charming, travels frequently and he can not really cope with long-term hardships.

If Mercury is in the First House – the native is intelligent, observes principles and rules, is cheerful, long-lived, jovial, generous, very sweet in conversation, remains healthy, destroys the malefic effect of other planets when Mercury is strong, they always look young, are fond of learning and highly educated.

Jupiter in the First House destroys all malefic effects, is respected, interested in the occult, proficient, clear in thoughts, handsome, happy, wealthy, polite, soft-spoken, religious, loves justice, high status, happiness.

Venus in the First House gives extreme beauty and attraction, the native is long-lived, healthy, soft-spoken, intellectual, sexual, effective, wealthy, fond of songs and dance, jovial, talkative, artist, enchanting, fully controls women.

If Saturn is in the First House – he is prosperous, diligent, victorious, a great traveler, however, he is not very happy and healthy.

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