Sex With Leo

Leo is the omnipotent sexually sign of the Zodiac. He is so contagiously vital and so imaginative; women can expect to be devastated from desire. He is a natural teaser, he is born to excel, made for delight. Prepare to submit to his will your innermost being. He is as strong and pleasing, and addictive as the first sip of coffee in the morning. His lovemaking is a performance of a sort, but only a very sincere one.

In bed he shines so brightly. He prides on his abilities to make a woman tremble with desire. He is not too picky with love conquests – he simply needs the woman to repeat regularly that he is a hero and to answer to his desires with: “Yes, your majesty!” Do praise him on his performance. He is so dramatic, that he whispers in your ear: “Do you wish to kill me, babe?” and next thing you know, you are his for the night of a lifetime and an eternity.

He is so bold, he would make love to you while you are hanging on the chandelier. He wants your body to scream: that was the best adventure, I didn’t know we could do it, can we do it again, please! He wants you to gasp with surprise and say he is so awesome. Then you will get more.

Leo loves making love, because he is in the focus of a woman. We all know Leo is vain, so praise him the entire time with all kinds of moans. His sexual mood depends on your passionate reaction, and as he is a fire sign, he likes to kindle and bring you on the verge of excitement. He roars and reacts intensively as well. He is noble but thankful, if you take care of his desire. He is a royalty in bed as well, which means he bestows his grace on the woman and enlightens her sexually.

He can be a masher – because he is fond of women in general. He knows he excels all women intellectually and he clearly knows the rules of seduction – so unless he is really in love, he doesn’t think much of ladies, and he does not mind bedding them as well. He knows exactly what to do with girls and he relishes in doing this. So he does not focus much on the partner, but on his own performance, and he tries to perfect this. He is always eager to make love, and he is a generous, deliberate partner. No sex is ordinary if Leo is involved.


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