How To Have Sex With A Cancerian

She can be really shy and she will simply not take the initiative, before being predisposed. She is the synonym of fidelity and expects fidelity in return. She is deeply jealous. Sex with the Beloved person is her dream come true. She loves to talk and dream with her lover. Her erogenous zones are the breasts. She is very pent and only the most sensual and patient lover can drag her out. But if she finds true love, this woman will become an irreplaceable sexual partner.

If you are hitting on a Cancer woman, never demonstrate your love of freedom. You have to look like a serious and a prosperous man, for she is not a one-night-stand material. She is after someone who she can love her entire life and would take care of the family. She wants some romance as well.

No one can leave and separate from a Cancer woman in one piece. She has the habit of digging in your personal communication. If she finds out you are cheating on her, she will beat her competition black and blue. She wants deep kisses, devoted sex and sensual hugs. She really tries hard to please you. If you rush in skipping the boundaries of decency and the normal puritan sex, you will be somehow disappointed.

She has the reputation of being the most artful kisser in the Zodiac. She has got a great and peculiar emanation. She loves to be ruled and dominated by her man – this is how she feels most comfortable. She is the most emotional and sensitive sign. She needs loving, tender touch, deep emotional connection and careful and devoted partner. Her love style is sweet and intensive, but if you lose their trust, they will stop making all kind of efforts for your pleasure for revenge. A lot of attention is needed to understand her. She is afraid of being ridiculed and criticized. She does not bear rudeness. Too pushy men frighten and repel her. She is always looking for something more than sex, and will not give in to a lover, until she feels he guarantees her emotional security. She suffers alone, but never humiliates herself.

She cannot do it anywhere, she needs to feel comfort. When she invites you over, she thinks it’s important to offer good wine, meals that she has cooked herself, good music. She loves listening. Do not rush with her and you will experience an unforgettable sexual emotion.


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